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Mycotoxin Monitoring equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

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    Model 52776-U - SupelMIP SPE - Patulin

    Developed for the class-selective extraction of the mycotoxin patulin from fruit, fruit products, and related sample matrices. SupelMIP is highly selective solid phase extraction (SPE) for trace analysis in complex matrices.

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany based in Darmstadt, GERMANY.

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    Feedworks - Model ETX-5 - Mycotoxin Eliminator for Animal Feed

    ETX-5 brings together extensive research shown to maximize product efficacy across the widest possible range of feed challenges. Mycotoxins are toxins produced by fungi before or after harvest, or during storage. They induce a large variety of diseases called mycotoxicoses. Most of the mycotoxins are very stable and can resist changes in ...

    By Feedworks USA, Ltd. based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

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    KAHL - Model SMW - High-Speed Mixer

    The high-speed mixer excels by very short batch processing times (complete mixing within 20 - 90 seconds). Its design ensures easy cleaning of the mixer, complete product discharge, and perfect hygiene.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Chemical Industry - Pelleting/Granulating Product line

  • Automatic System for Reception and Analysis

    S.A.R.A. is a fully automated system for the reception and redistribution of the incoming grain sample. It will help you controlling the process of quality management from the sample intake right down to the possible data transfer from the analyzer devices to your IT system with an appropriate software (optional). Linear drive S.A.R.A. Can reach a ...

    By Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG) based in Perceneige, FRANCE. from S.A.R.A Product line

  • EnviroLogix - Aflatoxins Toxic Metabolites

    Aflatoxins are toxic metabolites produced by certain fungi found on agricultural crops such as wheat, cereal grains, corn, peanuts, cottonseed, tree nuts, dried fruit, and some spices, such as chili and paprika. Milk and milk products may also be contaminated when ruminant animals consume aflatoxin-contaminated feed. While most widespread in warm ...

    By EnviroLogix Inc. based in Portland, MAINE (USA).

  • Myko-Top - Fungicide Protector

    MYKO-TOP promotes the efficacy of fungicides against ear diseases in cereals and leaf diseases in potato and sugarbeet.

    By Sudau Agro GmbH based in Erding, GERMANY.

  • Mastersorb Gold - Standardised Natural Plant

    Blend of selected standardised natural plant extracts, yeast cell walls and minerals to support animal performance during the presence of myco- and bacterial toxins. Successfully tested in vivo for the most important mycotoxins (Afla, Fumonisins, ZEA, DON) and bacterial toxins.

    By EW Nutrition GmbH based in Visbek, GERMANY. from Poultry-Pigs Product line

  • Butifour - Gut Health Improvers

    BUTIFOUR is an all-in-one solution for an improved intestinal health, a well-balanced and a powerful formula based on butyrate, a salt of butyric acid. BUTIFOUR®, thanks to carefully selected ingredients, covers all the species-specific needs. BUTIFOUR is especially developed to promote intestinal health and support the gut in his day-to-day ...

    By Impextraco based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Animal Protection Product line

  • BUTIFOUR - Gut Health Improvers

    Our POWER-PROTEXION® range offers highly cost-effective and sustainable protection for your animals and added value for your business. Our feed ingredients combine high quality antioxidants, mould inhibitors, mycotoxin eliminators, Salmonella inhibitors, acidifiers, enzymes, prebiotics and butyrates into innovative feed products that ...

    By Impextraco based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Animal Protection Product line

  • Cattle Booster - Rumen Buffering Technology

    In a normal, healthy rumen, lactic acid production equals lactic acid use.  Thus, lactic acid is rarely detectable in a healthy rumen.  However, a number of different factors can easily lead to an imbalance in lactic acid metabolism 1) resulting in acute or sub-acute acidosis.

    By Dinatec, Inc based in Gainesville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Zn Nutri - Model m700 (<700microns) - High Qualtiy Powdered Clinoptilolite

    High qualtiy powdered clinoptilolite for use in animal feeds. Acts as mycotoxin and aflatoxin binder, absorbs ammonia in the animals gut, improves feed conversion rate and reduces mortality rates. Particle size:

    By Zeocat Soluciones Ecológicas S.L.U. based in Sant Esteve de Palautordera, SPAIN. from Zeolita Natural ZN Nutri Product line

  • REAGEN - Model RNM98006 - Total Aflatoxin ELISA Test Kit

    Contact Angela: reagenllc@gmail.comProduct DescriptionREAGEN™ Total aflatoxin elisa test kit is a Competitive Enzyme immunoassay for the Quantitative Analysis of Total Aflatoxin in cereals, Meat / fish, feed, Milk, Oils, Peanuts and Pistachios.The unique features of the kit are:• High recovery (80-105%), rapid (10-40minutes), cost-effective ...

    By Reagen LLC based in Moorestown, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Food Safety ELISA Kit - Mycotoxin Detection Kit Product line

  • REAGEN - Model RNM98009 - Fumonisin Toxin ELISA Test Kit

    Contact Angela: reagenllc@gmail.comProduct DescriptionREAGEN™ Fumonisin elisa kit Is a Competitive Enzyme immunoassay for the Quantitative Analysis of Fumonisin in cereals, Dried Meat / fish, feed, Milk and seed. The unique features of the kit are:• High recovery (80-105%), rapid (10-20minutes), cost-effective extraction methods• High sensitivity ...

    By Reagen LLC based in Moorestown, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Food Safety ELISA Kit - Mycotoxin Detection Kit Product line

  • Model PN 53012B - Aflatoxin Plate Kit

    The Aflatoxin Plate Kit is a competitive ELISA for the quantitative analysis of aflatoxin in nuts, grain and grain products.

    By Biosense Laboratories AS based in Bergen, NORWAY. from Mycotoxin ELISA Kit Product line

  • REAGEN - Model RNM98001 - Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test Kit

    Contact Angela : reagenllc@gmail.comProduct DescriptionREAGEN™ Aflatoxin m1 elisa kit is a Competitive Enzyme immunoassay for the Quantitative Analysis of Aflatoxin M1 in Milk and Milk Powder.The unique features of the kit are:• No need to extract the sample. The sample can be directly used for the ELISA.• High sensitivity (0.05 ng / g or ppb) and ...

    By Reagen LLC based in Moorestown, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Food Safety ELISA Kit - Mycotoxin Detection Kit Product line

  • Toxic Mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) Petri Dish

    The presence of the fungus Stachybotrys chartarum in buildings is significant because of its ability to produce Mycotoxins, such as Satratoxin H, Trichoverrol, and Cyclosporins that possess cytotoxic, immunological, carcinogenic effects in humans.

    By EMLab P&K based in South San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA). from GIANTmicrobe Toys Product line

  • Perstorp - Gut Health Nutrition Product

    Defining gut health isn’t easy. A healthy gut consists of a lot of parameters: physical, chemical and immunological. It must play host to a bacterial population that also has a favorable impact on all those parameters. And all of these factors interrelate. The Perstorp offer for gut health includes classic solutions as well as innovative new ...

    By Perstorp Holding AB based in Malmö, SWEDEN. from Animal Nutrition Product line

  • RDL - Model D-Toxer - For Feed Suppliments

    Indications: It effectively prevents fungal growth and metabolism, there by prevents mycotoxin production. It is specially formulated for detoxification of T2 Toxin,Ochratoxins and Zearatoxins. It contains active adsorbents which bind mycotoxins in intestinal tract therby easily eliminate from the body without any toxic effect to bird. Effectively ...

    By Reddy Drugs Laboratories based in Ravulapalem, INDIA. from Poultry Feed Supplements Product line

  • Enterra - High Protein Meal

    Enterra Meal is a high protein meal with a rich amino acid profile that can be used as a direct subsitute for fishmeal and soymeal in sustainable feed for aquaculture, poultry and pets.

    By Enterra Feed Corporation based in Langley, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Olmix - Model MMI.S - Microgranulated Mycotoxin Binder

    MMi.S is a mycotoxin binder in microgranulated form, specially designed for easy use on the farm. Based on specific clays and algae, Olmix solutions can efficiently limit the impact of mycotoxins, such as fusarium toxins

    By Olmix Group based in BREHAN, FRANCE. from Animal Care Product line

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