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Mycotoxin Monitoring equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

  • MycoSpin - Model 400 - Multi-Mycotoxin Two-Step Cleanup Column

    Romer Labs MycoSpin 400 multi-mycotoxin two-step cleanup column in a spin format was developed to be used for most regulated mycotoxins to shorten the time-consuming cleanup process. Multiple mycotoxins can be analyzed simultaneously by LC-MS/MS. Highly accurate LC-MS/MS results are achieved by combining the MycoSpin 400 cleanup with Biopure 13C ...

    By Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH based in Tulln, AUSTRIA. from Cleanup Columns Product line

  • FEEDFIX - Detoxification Agent for Feed Additives

    FEEDFIX is a top quality adsorbent which binds toxins in the feed. The dynamic binding makes the toxins non-bioavailable thereby harmlessly passing through the livestock gut. FEEDFIX helps in improving feedstock quality and life through adsorption of mycotoxins and keeping feed dry and suitable for all livestock.

    By Ecofix Pty Ltd. based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Nutria Mycotoxin Binder D (Nutria MBD)

    NUTRIA MYCOTOX D is a multi-action mycotoxin binder with bentonite as the main ingredient and diatomaceous, organic acids, gluco-mannans to enhance the action. The above ingredients form a multi-dynamic mix, of enhanced mycotoxin binding capacity and effectiveness in dealing with the toxin problems.

    By Nutria Hellas D. Tsolakis PC based in Athens, GREECE. from Mycotoxin Binder Product line

  • Escent - Model P - Mycotoxin Control Spectrum Mixture

    Escent P is a large spectrum mycotoxin control program with liver protection package.It has been specially designed for addressing challenges related to the presence of toxins like Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Fumonisins. Poultry for instance could benefit from such an aid to address possible risk of polar and non polar toxins.

    By Innovad based in Essen, BELGIUM. from Escent Product line

  • Escent - Model S - Mycotoxin Control Spectrum Mixture

    ESCENT  S is a wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service. It is a well-researched complex of different active ingredients ensuring multifactorial approach to protect and support against toxins stress  in 5 different ways:

    By Innovad based in Essen, BELGIUM. from Escent Product line

  • Aflabind - Mycotoxin Binding Technology

    99.2-100% in vitro efficacy against AFLATOXINS may be shown. It’s a toxin binder ammonia binder and anti-caking agent with a very high cation-exchange capacity (CEC). Aflabind is suitable for use in all types of animal feed. AFLABIND contains an extremely pure form of clinoptilolite, which is a zeolite naturally formed by the ...

    By Dinatec, Inc based in Gainesville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model 52776-U - SupelMIP SPE - Patulin

    Developed for the class-selective extraction of the mycotoxin patulin from fruit, fruit products, and related sample matrices. SupelMIP is highly selective solid phase extraction (SPE) for trace analysis in complex matrices.

    By MilliporeSigma based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from SupelMIP Molecularly Imprinted Polymer SPE Cartridges Product line

  • Supel - Model Tox SPE - Cartridges

    The need for a quick, simplistic sample cleanup approach prior to chromatographic mycotoxin analysis has brought about SPE cartridges that significantly decrease sample prep time, increase reproducibility, and are more user friendly as compared to the industry standard immunoaffinity columns. In addition the Supel Tox SPE approach requires less ...

    By MilliporeSigma based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Nutria Mycotoxin Binder C (Nutria MBC)

    NUTRIA MYCOTOX C is a multi-action mycotoxin binder which is the only one using bentonite, diatomaceous, organic acids, gluco-mannans and enzyme in a unique polydynamic blend, the most effective mycotoxin binding blend available.

    By Nutria Hellas D. Tsolakis PC based in Athens, GREECE. from Mycotoxin Binder Product line

  • 37mm, 3pc, 1.0µm PTFE (Mycotoxins)

    These 37mm Air Sampling Cassette w/ PTFE Filters are designed to meet all applicable NIOSH, OSHA and EPA air sampling standards. Typically used to sample for Mycotoxins.

    By EMLab P&K based in South San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sampling Cassettes Product line

  • AgraQuant - Model ELISA - Mycotoxin Tests Kit

    AgraQuant test kits are accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Together with a StatFax or BioTek ELISA reader, results can be directly interpreted and continuously documented. These ELISA test kits are the ideal solution for a parallel measurement of multiple samples with incubation times of as ...

    By Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH based in Tulln, AUSTRIA. from Mycotoxin Test Kits Product line

  • FluoroQuant - Aflatoxin Test Kits

    The FluoroQuant Aflatoxin test kits are the fastest, quantitative fluorometric tests based on a solid-phase or immunoaffinity column clean-up. The kits are USDA/GIPSA approved and provide fast testing without dilution steps. The FluoroQuant tests are simple enough for on-site use in grain, feed and food handling facilities, but they are also ...

    By Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH based in Tulln, AUSTRIA. from Mycotoxin Test Kits Product line

  • DONeX - Model SPE - Clean-up Columns for the Deoxynivalenol Analysis System

    DONeX has a maximum capacity of 4 g. As a rule, this toxin is analysed with an HPLC with UV detector or alternatively with HPLX with post-column derivatisation and fluorescence detector or with LC/MS. Owing to the high matrix load, users of an HPLC system with UV detector achieve reliably low detection limits and chromatgrams that are easy to ...

    By LCTech GmbH based in Dorfen, GERMANY. from Immunoaffinity and Clean-up Columns Product line

  • Natural Zeolite Dairy Feed

    Many peer reviewed publications describe natural zeolite feed additive benefits upon healthy, at-risk, and disease challenged animals, the body of research indicated several possibilities: Macro and micro nutrition, ionic buffering, surface absorption. Research indicates that as natural zeolites pass through the animal and spend time in the ...

    By Ida-Ore Mining LLC based in Nampa, IDAHO (USA).

  • MycoSep - Cleanup Columns

    MycoSep columns represent one-step cleanup columns containing packing materials made of adsorbent mixes specially designed for all food and feed commodities, for fast cleanup within 30 seconds. Cleanup is possible for all EU regulated mycotoxins.

    By Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH based in Tulln, AUSTRIA. from Cleanup Columns Product line

  • Mastersorb Gold - Standardised Natural Plant

    Blend of selected standardised natural plant extracts, yeast cell walls and minerals to support animal performance during the presence of myco- and bacterial toxins. Successfully tested in vivo for the most important mycotoxins (Afla, Fumonisins, ZEA, DON) and bacterial toxins.

    By EW Nutrition GmbH based in Visbek, GERMANY. from Poultry-Pigs Product line

  • RDL - Model D-Toxer - For Feed Suppliments

    Indications: It effectively prevents fungal growth and metabolism, there by prevents mycotoxin production. It is specially formulated for detoxification of T2 Toxin,Ochratoxins and Zearatoxins. It contains active adsorbents which bind mycotoxins in intestinal tract therby easily eliminate from the body without any toxic effect to bird. Effectively ...

    By Reddy Drugs Laboratories based in Ravulapalem, INDIA. from Poultry - Feed Suppliments Product line

  • Mycosorb

    Mycosorb With over fifty-five peer-reviewed in vivo trials, Mycosorb’s mode of action is supported by 16 PhD and 19 Master projects, and has been awarded eight patents that protect its novel composition and proprietary production. Increased productivity inevitably brings new challenges and risks to modern animal production and Mycosorb ...

    By Alltech based in Nicholasville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Aquaculture Products Product line

  • Nutria Mycotoxin Binder A (MBA)

    NUTRIA MYCOTOXIN BINDER A is a blend of activated aluminosilicates and yeast cell walls with high capacity of binding and deactivating mycotoxins. Aflatoxins in cattle are mainly manifested with symptoms such as depression, anorexia, reduced growth, decreased milk production, subnormal body temperature and dry muzzle. As in several other species, ...

    By Nutria Hellas D. Tsolakis PC based in Athens, GREECE. from Mycotoxin Binder Product line

  • AgraStrip - Lateral Flow Devices (LFD)

    The AgraStrip test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) for on-site testing. These allow a rapid analysis of a wide range of food and feed samples with a assay time of 3 minutes. The test kits are available in a qualitative or quantitative format. While qualitative LFDs can be read visually, quantitative tests are used with the ...

    By Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH based in Tulln, AUSTRIA. from Mycotoxin Test Kits Product line

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