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  • Tailor Made Plant Phenotyping Systems
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    Tailor Made Plant Phenotyping Systems

    By SMO bvba - WIWAM

    Each of the WIWAM plant phenotyping platforms can be extended and adapted to meet your specific research question or to optimally fit your available space. Several image acquisition systems can be implemented and ...

  • High Throughput Field Phenotyping System
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    High Throughput Field Phenotyping System

    By Phenospex B. V.

    FieldScan is a platform for ultra-high-throughput field phenotyping under all weather conditions. The platform enables capacities of tens of thousands of plants or plots with throughputs of 5,000 plants or higher per ...

  • Phenotyping Robots
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    Phenotyping Robots

    By SMO bvba - WIWAM

    WIWAM Line is a robot for the high-throughput and reproducible phenotyping of small caulescent plants, such as small maize plants. The robot allows for the automated irrigation and the measurement of a variety of ...

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  • The Biology of Hypogean Fishes

    Hypogean (cave, artesian) fishes have fascinated researchers even before they were described in the scientific literature in 1842. Since then, a ...

  • /files/6063/images/covers/9780306478833.jpg

    Membrane Transporter Diseases

    This text represents the first collection of transport-associated diseases. Each chapter is devoted to a particular disease and describes the role of ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • SMO bvba - WIWAM

    SMO bvba - WIWAM

    WIWAM – Automated systems for plant phenotyping Weighing, Imaging & Watering Machines for Scientific research. WIWAM is the collective name for a ...

  • Photon Systems Instruments, spol. s r.o. (PSI)

    Photon Systems Instruments, spol. s r.o. (PSI)

    PSI manufacturing and administrative facility is located close to the industrial city of Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic. For ...

  • Phenome-Networks


    Phenome-Networks is a privately owned Israeli bioinformatics company that developed a web-based platform for data integration in breeding research. ...

  • LemnaTec GmbH

    LemnaTec GmbH

    Since 1998, LemnaTec has lead the global development of research platforms for digital plant phenotyping. By combining sophisticated software systems ...