Plant Physiology

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Damage suffered by swamp morning glory (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk) exposed to vanadium(V)

    To elucidate the physiological and morphological responses generated by vanadium (V) in plants, hydroponic culture experiments were performed with swamp morning glory (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk) exposed to 0 to 2.50 mg L−1 pentavalent V [V(V)] in Hoagland nutrient solutions. The concentration of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotene peaked at a V(V) concentration of 0.05 mg L−1 and gradually ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • General Purpose Data Logger

    General Purpose Data Logger

    The GP1 Data Logger is a complete logging solution housed in a waterproof IP67 enclosure with battery power. The internal memory can hold >600,000 readings - more than enough for one year`s operation (typical).