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  • Sapflow Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Sapflow Sensor

    By UP Umweltanalytische Produkte GmbH

    Customized sensors available with needle-lengths L from 10...63mm and heating-zone H from 5...60mm. 2-3 thermo-couples maybe fitted in one needle as well.

  • Cutting Edge Technologies
    Showcase Product

    Cutting Edge Technologies

    By Cytozyme

    We develop innovative, ecologically-friendly technologies that maximize the expression of each organism’s natural genetic potential. Our proprietary multi-stage processes use cutting-edge technologies to design ...

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  • /files/6063/images/covers/9781402045158.jpg

    Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls

    Chlorophylls are the most obvious natural pigments on Earth where they can be observed even from satellites in outer space: they also sustain life on ...

  • Conifer Cold Hardiness

    Conifer Cold Hardiness provides an up-to-date synthesis by leading scientists in the study of the major physiological and environmental factors ...

  • Ethylene

    This revolutionary book examines the biochemistry of endogenous ethylene biosynthesis and its role in the physiology of higher plants. Never before ...

  • /files/6063/images/covers/9780387232652.jpg

    Multigenic and Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants

    Understanding the mechanisms by which plants tolerate attack by pathogens, herbivores, or endure abiotic stress is a crucial part of learning how to ...

  • Biological Role of Inorganic Pyrophosphate

    Dr. Heinonen reviews and critically evaluates the scientific literature on the biological role of inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi ) published from ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • CID Bio-Science, Inc.

    CID Bio-Science, Inc.

    CID Bio-Science, Inc., has been designing instruments for agricultural and environmental research for over 25 years. Our company was established in ...

  • Wallace Laboratories LLC

    Wallace Laboratories LLC

    Wallace Laboratories has many years of experience in assisting farmers, professional landscaping companies and home owners produce better gardens and ...

  • DMP Ltd.

    DMP Ltd.

    DMP Ltd. has been formed in to pursue the environmental, plant physiology and lake monitoring business area by representing companies having High ...