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  • Urban Crop Solutions makes indoor farming technology for Mars biosphere

    Will the first people to bake and eat bread on Mars do it due to a Belgian breakthrough? This is the challenge facing the SpaceBakery project, a unique consortium composed of seven Belgian organisations using technology provided by Urban Crop Solutions. However, before they use their research to help feed the first people on the red planet later this century, the project aims to have a clear ...

  • Vegetable Greenhouses Case Study

    The data presented in this case study was collected from greenhouses growing tomato, pepper, and cucumber crops utilizing the DryGair system, spanning diverse climate conditions around the world. ...


  • Quad County Corn Processors Seeds Monarch Fueling Station

    Quad County Corn Processors Seeds Monarch Fueling Station

    Following the harvest of a small corn field near Quad Country Corn Processors, the ethanol plant recently seeded it once more, only not with corn but with milkweed.Board member Alan Bennett conducted a dormant seeding of native grasses, milkweed, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Collecting Device

    Collecting Device

    Collecting bee venom with the correct device makes it possible to be both ecological and bee friendly. Some companies kill the bees and take their venom sack, we think that is highly unethical. We recommend using a bee-friendly method when collecting the bee venom. With that system, in brief, the bees are stimulated to sting a glass plate by giving them a small safe current. Then the bees return ...