Rice Testing

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  • Vertical Automatic Rice Husk Baler
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    Vertical Automatic Rice Husk Baler

    By Enerpat Group UK Ltd

    The Enerpat VB-RH63 vertical rice husk baler is the most successful vertical baler for compacting rice husk into desnity bales.we tested the baler for many times,when the top ram pressing froce set as 63 tons,the bale ...

  • Single Grain & Rice Moisture Meter
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    Single Grain & Rice Moisture Meter

    By Kett US

    The PQ5205 provides fast, continuous measurement of moisture, one kernel at a time.Based on capacitance, this measurement allows the user to accurately determine the moisture distribution of a large sample in ...

  • Rice Testing Mill (Rice Polisher)
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    Rice Testing Mill (Rice Polisher)

    By Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB

    In this machine 2-3 handfull grains can be tested and polished in a short time. It is provided with single phase motor with grinding wheels for polishing the grain and is provided with sieve for removal of bran. works ...

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  • Kett US

    Kett US

    Kett was created in 1946 by four engineers wanting to provide accurate laboratory-quality moisture measurement gauges that were simple enough for ...

  • Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd.

    Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer and sales of Infrared Heaters(VAL6), Forced Air Heaters, Vaporizing Air Cooling Fan, Grain Dryers, Rice Cool Storages, Rice Milling ...