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soil electrical conductivity (EC) equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

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    Model 19.33 - WET Sensor Kit

    Also included in our product range is the WET sensor, to measure pore water conductivity and temperature in the top layer of a soil. The measurement values are shown on the display of the hand held meter and can be stored in the memory (including time and sensor location). These data can be read on a PC.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Sensors & Monitoring Product line

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    Model 14.01 - EC-Probe for Soil Salinity Measurements

    In irrigation areas, one is often confronted with salinization problems. In order to acquire the necessary understanding regarding these issues, it is very important to check the salinity of the soil regularly. Also in examining ecosystems that are influenced by salt water (lagoons, etc), it is necessary that we know the salinity of the soil. In ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Field Measurement Equipment Product line

  • FieldScout - Model TDR 350 - Soil Moisture Meter

    The TDR 350 accurately measures soil moisture across the full range of soil moisture conditions. With new enhancements, the TDR 350 provides significant improvements in performance and measurement accuracy for optimal turf conditions.

    By Wetec Private Limited based in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Soil Products Product line

  • K-Leaf - Super Soluble Potassium Sulphate Foliar Fertilizer

    Super soluble potassium sulphate foliar fertilizer perfectly suited to modern spraying machinery used in today's agriculture.

    By Solufeed Ltd. based in West Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Foliar Feeds Product line

  • PICO - Soil Moisture Probe

    The PICO Soil Moisture Probe is used for monitoring volumetric moisture in soil and other porous materials in both large and small volumes.

    By MESA Systems Co. based in Stonington, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Soil Moisture Products Product line

  • Pico-Profile - Soil Moisture Sensors

    Accurate Moisture and Salinity Measurement in selected Soil Profiles - with the latest TRIME-Radar Technology. Ideal for the development of soil-water balance models, irrigation control and salt content testing at different soil depths. Simple and modular configuration. Connection of data logger via GPRS wireless modem. Rugged design. Attractive ...

    By IMKO Micromodultechnik - an Endress Hauser Company based in Ettlingen, GERMANY. from Soil Moisture Product line

  • Novanna - Model CD611 - Pocket-Sized EC Tester

    The CD611 is an inexpensive and pocket-sized EC tester. It takes quick and easy measurements in liquids and filtered soil solutions. It is suitable for use in horticulture, landscaping, aquariums, hydroponics, swimming pools, ponds and in the laboratory.

  • Soil Moisture, Temperature & EC

    Our full-featured soil moisture sensor. Measures volumetric water content, temperature, and electrical conductivity in soil. This three-pronged, 5 cm long sensor is for use in soil only. High frequency oscillation and patented signal filtering deliver excellent accuracy with minimal textural effects. Serial or SDI-12 communication give lots of ...

    By METER Group, Inc. based in Pullman, WASHINGTON (USA). from Soil Moisture Sensors Product line

  • FieldScout - Direct Soil EC Meter

    Professional-grade meter. No need to prepare samples - simply sample through the profile. Patented paired sensor tip provides maximum soil-sensor contact and higher accuracy. Sample directly in plug trays, pots, containers, solutions, or ground soils. 0 to 19.9 mS/cm (Accuracy ±1%, resolution 0.01 mS/cm). Automatic temperature compensation. ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA). from Plant Nutrient Management - pH & EC Meters Product line

  • Aquaterr - Model EC-300 - Portable Soil Probes

    The EC-300 portable soil probe combines Moisture, Temperature and Salinity measurements in one device, displaying instant measurements of each category, accurately and instantly. Allows the tracking of salinity of water entering and leaving the area, and determining the salt accumulation in the soil root zone.

    By Aquaterr Instruments & Automation, LLC based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Soil Measurement Instruments Product line

  • Electromagnetic (EM) Mapping

    The recent advent of the on-the-go mapping systems using electromagnetic sensors and accurate GPS logging provides a new method to map and identify contrasting and variable soil areas. The soil areas may require different management, for example when cultivating, fertilizing or planning irrigation schedules.

    By Precision Water Works Inc. based in Plainfield, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Kelway - Model SST - Salinity Tester

    Measures soluble salts content in under 5 minutes. Gives a direct reading which defines soil condition. Includes easy to follow, complete instructions, plus a guide on procedures for soil improvement if you have high or low salinity. Tells how to avoid problems by controlling salinity . Tells you when to leach . Portable - Sturdy - Accurate - ...

    By KEL Instruments Co., Inc based in Wyckoff,, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • EnviroPro - Capacitance Probe

    The EnviroPro probe is a new vertical capacitance probe that measures soil moisture, soil temperature and soil EC. Probes are available in lengths of 40cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm. Sensors are positioned at 10cm intervals for full resolution measurements. The probe is a completely sealed unit, with sensors embeded in a resin. This allows the probes ...

    By MAIT Industries based in Bayswater, AUSTRALIA. from Radio Controlled- Sensors Product line

  • Veris - Model Soil EC - Soil Electrical Conductivity Measurement

    Mapping texture with Soil EC captures this key physical property. Soil EC is soil electrical conductivity – a measurement of how much electrical current soil can conduct. It’s an effective way to map soil texture because smaller soil particles such as clay conduct more current than larger silt and sand particles. Growers, consultants, ...

    By Veris Technologies, Inc. based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from The Soil Product line

  • Veris - Model Quad EC1000 - Soil EC Mapping Systems

    The new Quad EC1000 is a compact version of the Veris EC systems that are the world leaders in soil mapping. It features proven Veris EC signal processing, but in a lighter weight design—perfect for shipping anywhere in the world. Its spring steel tine-mounted disks follow ground contours and absorb rocks, 15” (38cm) diameter disks ...

    By Veris Technologies, Inc. based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from Agronomic Sensors Product line

  • Model SMP - Soil Moisture Probe

    The Geomil Soil Moisture Probe enables in-situ measurements of the soil moisture content and the electrical conductivity. It can also be used as a screening tool for various pollutants. The SMP directly measures the electrical conductivity (Ec) up to 200 mS/m and the permittivity (Ɛ) between 1 and 100. It can be used in combination with one ...

    By Geomil Equipment B.V. based in MC Moordrecht, NETHERLANDS. from Cones & Probes Product line

  • Soil Moisture Sensor

    Our patented soil moisture sensor - like a tensiometer, the tool used by professionals - measures the soil moisture tension. It determines the quantity of water that is actually available to the plants' roots regardless of the soil type. Unlike cheaper methods (electrical conductivity, dielectric permittivity, capacitivity etc.) Koubachi measures ...

    By Koubachi AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

  • AlertII - Greenhouse Monitoring System

    IAS has developed a specific version of the AlertII for greenhouse monitoring. The AlertII-6 can monitor up to 6 temperature zones per unit.

    By Irrigation Automation Systems, Inc (IAS) based in Whitinsville, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Model UMP-1 - Soil Moisture Meter

    The standard version of the UMP-1 sensor is designed for the application with a cable connection to a data logger. The data logger provides the power supply of the UMP-1 and stores the collected data. The data can either be read out by using a laptop with an interface cable connection to the logger or by remote data transmission. This design of ...

    By Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT) based in Müncheberg, GERMANY. from Scientific Soil Moisture Meters Product line

  • Model UMP-1 BT - Soil Moisture Meters

    The UMP-1 BT sensor is the wireless version of the UMP-1 sensors and opens up the market for smartphone based measuring technology. Measurement data are transmitted via Bluetooth directly to and stored on an Android smartphone.  The necessary app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed by the user on any Android ...

    By Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT) based in Müncheberg, GERMANY. from Scientific Soil Moisture Meters Product line

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