Soil Moisture Probes

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  • Late Spring Almond Irrigation

    Late Spring Almond Irrigation

    Late spring (late April to early June) is an important time in almond orchard development. During this time, the almond embryo is developing into a mature kernel. At this point in the season, proper irrigation management can be a major contributor to the difference between a marginal and major improvement in crop yield and quality. Development is complete when the kernel fills the shell ...


  • Ag Tech Must-Haves for 2019 and Beyond

    Ag Tech Must-Haves for 2019 and Beyond

    Ag tech has the ability to provide tremendous value to farmers, and each year as technology advances it seems that potential only grows. The capabilities available to farmers have changed greatly over the years, and current trends in the consumer ...

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  • Soil Moisture Profile Probe

    Soil Moisture Profile Probe

    No other soil moisture probe system enables you to monitor your soil water profiles with such ease and flexibility. Install an access tube into the soil, insert the PR2 Profile Probe and press the HH2 [Read] button to display an instantaneous reading, or connect the PR2 to a data logger (GP2 or DL6) and leave the system to record soil moisture changes over time.