Soil pH Monitoring

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  • Long term lessons from liming soil - Case Study

    Long term trials have shown continuous cropping under a cereal legume rotation with district practice application of fertiliser N and retention of stubble caused a decrease in soil pH of up to 1.6 units over 14 years. Reduced N inputs can lessen this impact (as can stubble removal) but also decreases yield. At Wagga, the application of lime in combination with phosphorous (P) increased grain ...


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  • Rosa Rugosa (Rugosa Rose)

    Rosa Rugosa (Rugosa Rose)

    The Rosa rugosa, or Ramanas Rose, is an upright, bushy shrub with thorny stems and shiny and deeply veined, bright green, wrinkled foliage, turning yellow in autumn. In summer and autumn, it bears clusters of fragrant single, yellow-centred, dark-pink flowers 9cm wide. Plant in moist but free-draining or free-draining soil in a sunny position. Avoid planting in sites that have previously been ...