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Landscape pumping systems - Water and Wastewater - Irrigation

Watertronics has been serving the Landscape irrigation market for three decades. We offer a variety of products customized to fit numerous Landscape applications including parks & recreation, cemeteries, schools, universities, strip malls, sports complexes, subdivisions, nurseries, and business parks to name a few. Watertronics pioneered the concept of a self-enclosed pumping system through our introduction of the WaterMax Series in approximately 1980, which has since been widely duplicated in the Landscape market.

Technical Experience
Watertronics’ staff of highly skilled technicians averages 22 years of industry experience, providing superior product support and technical knowledge. Today we are proud to have our name on over 10,000 pumps and control systems worldwide.

A few of the technologies that set us apart include our patented Electronic Butterfly Valve system, Advanced Control technologies with Watervision remote monitoring and intuitive VirtualVision II TM TouchScreens. We also utilize Variable Frequency Drives, or VFD, to regulate water pressure, efficiently matching pump output to water demand.

Energy-Efficient Technologies
Through our VFD technology and other innovative solutions, we have replaced over-irrigation with intelligent irrigation and precision pump control often saving our customers up to 25% on their energy costs.

As the Landscape market continues to evolve, Watertronics strives to remain ahead of the curve as a cutting-edge provider of irrigation systems designed to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiencies.