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Aquaculture Feeders equipment for Aquaculture

  • Fishmatik - Model Capacity 30l - Pendulum Feeder Reflex for Pond Fish, Hopper

    The pendulum feeder reflex is used for carp, trout, catfish and other types of pond fish. The principle of operation is based on fish reflexes: the fish itself activates the feeder by touching the pendulum rod. The carp feeder does not require electricity, does not rust and does not require annual maintenance. The pond fish feeder is equipped with ...

    By Fishmatik based in UKRAINE. from Auto Fish Feeder Product line

  • Model FFF1540 - Central Fish farm Feeders

    Models from 20 up to 200 outlets to use with hoses from 25 mm up to 63 mm of external diameter and up to 8 silos with average storage of 2 cubic meter each one. Feeder allows to mix pellets up to 12 mm, sending doses from 10 grs up to 200 kg

    By FishFarmFeeder based in Vigo (Pontevedra), SPAIN. from Aquaculture Central Feeder Systems Product line

  • Model FFF3625 - Central Fish farm Feeders

    Models from 20 up to 200 outlets to use with hoses from 25 mm up to 63 mm of external diameter and up to 8 silos with average storage of 2 cubic meter each one. Feeder allows to mix pellets up to 12 mm, sending doses from 10 grs up to 200 kg

    By FishFarmFeeder based in Vigo (Pontevedra), SPAIN. from Aquaculture Central Feeder Systems Product line

  • STAVA - Aquaculture Grader

    Gently grades live salmon, salmon smolts and trout without damaging one single scale. The five size catagories, ranging from 2 grams to 3,500 grams, can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. Grading live salmon, salmon smolts and trout maximizes profit. The STAVA AQUACULTURE grader does just that. STAVA of Iceland has introduced a high-quality ...

    By STAVA - Stálvinnslan ehf. based in Reykjavík, ICELAND.

  • Steinsvik - Seafarm Feeder Barges

    The traditional Seafarm Feeder barges have a number of advantages incorporated, especially considering the optimization possibilities for a feeding system. This design contains barges from 150–440 tons. The barges are optimized with excellent utilization of space and adaption for two to six line feeding systems. These barges are especially ...

    By Steinsvik AS based in F?rresfjorden, NORWAY. from SeaCulture - Marine Aquaculture Barges Product line

  • STAVA - Large Fish Grader

    The STAVA large fish grader is designed and built for high capacity grading of fish into several size catagories according to species ranging from herring and mackerel to large cod, salmon and tuna - carefully so that not a single scale is damaged. Hangs from two height-adjustable columns. It can also be fastened to the ceiling, freeing the ...

    By STAVA - Stálvinnslan ehf. based in Reykjavík, ICELAND.

  • STAVA - Multipurpose Grader

    For high capacity grading of herring, mackerel, capelin, sprat, redfish and many other similar types of fish into as many as five size categories - carefully, so that not a single scale is damaged!. Grades without noice or vibration, a veritable Rolls Royce of grading mashines (try the coffee cup test - barely a ripple, or the coin test). Several ...

    By STAVA - Stálvinnslan ehf. based in Reykjavík, ICELAND.

  • Model 2000 - Aquaculture Feeders

    The Arvo-Tec T Drum 2000 feeder works for both fry feeding and further breeding. The holding capacity of the smallest version is one litre, running all the way up to 150 litres. The Arvo-Tec T Drum 2000 feeder was designed for accuracy and simplicity making it easy to use. The feeder boasts a wide range of accessories making it versatile: ...

    By Arvo-Tec Oy based in Huutokoski, FINLAND. from Fish Feeding Technology Product line

  • FFAZ - Model ZK822 - Simultaneous Control System for Connected Feeders Artemia

    Up to 8 Automatic Feeders Artemia can be operated with our control ZK822. Each feeder works equally – 2 m or more than 100 m away from the control. The respective cable connected to the feeder can have a length of more than 100 m. Our easily programmable control is set with regard to time and ensures precise and regular feed quantities. Your ...

    By FFAZ GmbH based in Mengen, GERMANY. from Controls Product line

  • Automatic-Feeder Machine

    The auto-feeder is a aquaculture device with advanced design concept and many patented technologies that being specialized developed for mass Farmers. It can be used in fish ponds reservoirs, lakes cages, indoor and outdoor standard fish ponds , shrimp ponds, crab ponds and different aquaculture water to feed the different specification pellet ...

    By Suzhou Shuangyao New Material Co.,Ltd based in Suzhou, CHINA. from Aquaculture Machinery Product line

  • Aqua Chef - Automatically Programmable Fish Hatchery Feeder

    The Aqua Chef will automatically feed your fish up to three times per day, and a manual override button allows immediate feeding with the press of a button. This aquarium feeder has a programmable, digital timer with a large display. Its patented design keeps moisture from spoiling the feed while also mixing and crumbling at each feeding. ...

    By Dynamic Aqua-Supply Ltd. based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Fish Hatchery Feeders Product line

  • SANSHIRO - Model KA AC100V - Automatic Fish Feeders

    Complete with specially designed heavy-duty blower. Wide angle, uniform lead distribution. Simple adjustment of feed rate. Large rotary disk prevents bridging. Long life, High Reliability. Corrosion Free / Corrosion Resistant Construction. Simple Maintenance and Cleaning.

    By Matsusaka Ltd. based in Osaka, JAPAN.

  • Storvik - Disc Feeder

    Recognized and robust feeder for feeding fish in tanks. Simple and effective. Storvik Disc Feeders are easily installed on the rim of the tank. Available in five different sizes with 1, 2, 4, 9 and 25-liter capacity. All models are manufactured in aluminium and have 24 V AC operating voltage. More than 30 000 disc feeders are sold in ...

    By Storvik Aqua AS based in Sunndalsøra, NORWAY.

  • Model 100 l Type D - Solarfutterautomat with Container - Green

    Suitable for seawater Pellet sizes up to 12mm Round or sector spreaders Unsurpassed in quality and durability for more than 25 years. The field of application of these solar feeders ranges from professional fish farming to hobby and garden pond areas. Wherever a lack of electrical power supply does not allow the use of automatic feeding, these ...

    By Aquacultur Fischtechnik GmbH based in Nienburg, GERMANY. from Feeding Product line

  • Centralized Hatchery Feeders

    The OCEA centralized hatchery feeder is capable of distributing feed to all tanks in a hatchery from a central position. Feed is distributed fromthe feeder to each tank by 20 mm PE pipes. Single feed doses even as small as 1 gram are blown to the tanks according to the desiredfeeding schedule. The hatchery feeder can handle feed particles from 4 ...

    By Catvis B.V. based in `s-Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Feeding Product line

  • Profi Hatchery Feeders

    Portionning finger-driven feeder(Profi-5) or rotating perforated wheel (Profi-7). Versatile use (indoor & outdoor). Maximum pellet size 9 mm (Profi-7 min. 2 mm). Including cable 10 m and control unit.

    By Aquaculture Partners based in Sant Gregori (Girona), SPAIN.

  • Fish Rearing Tanks

    We offer a large 2.8m (inside diameter 2.7m) x 1.2m deep circular tank, rotomoulded in tough food grade polyethylene (PE). These tanks are unique in that they are available either with a flat base or a 20o tapered base to a centre drain. The tanks offer an economical solution to the setting up or expansion of a fish farm, as well as the many other ...

    By Aquaculture Equipment Ltd based in Middleton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tanks Product line

  • Model MFH3020 - Automatic Central Hatchery Feeder System

    Automatic central feeding system of micro diets for juvenile and larval fishes. Micro diets from 75 µm to 500 µm in doses from 5 grams onwards. Up to 60 tanks using hoses of 20mm

    By FishFarmFeeder based in Vigo (Pontevedra), SPAIN. from Feeding Systems - Aquaculture Hatchery Feeder Product line

  • Senect - Model BFA-01-LS - Hatchery Fry Feeder

    Enables optimal foraging - also for smallest portions and powder feed. The SENECT Hatchery Fry Feeder is designed for feeding small portions of small-grained or powder fish feed. A special feature is that the feeding aperture is closed in case there is currently no feeding - to prevent moisture coming into the feeder. This mechanism avoids ...

    By Senect GmbH & Co. KG based in Landau, GERMANY. from Actuators Product line

  • CrystalVision - Automatic fish Feeder

    Feeding fish is a complex and important process that takes place on a daily basis where accuracy is a fundamental criterion. As part of the process, it is necessary to adjust the quantities and types of food to the different pools according to the fish species, their age, weight, and the number of fish in the pond. All of these change from ...

    By CrystalVision Ltd. based in M.P Eilot, ISRAEL.

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