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Aquaculture Operations equipment for Aquaculture

  • Premium

    MICROBE-LIFT® / DFMAQ20BFA - Feed Additive Blend 20-Billion CFU/g Direct Fed Microbials

    Our hi-count (20B-CFU/g) is a highly mobile, feed additive and water treatment product formulated to promote the production of healthy shrimp and fish. Microbe-Lift / DFM Microbial Blends are a cost effective and environmentally friendly option to manage Aquaculture Systems that often struggle with the overstocking of farms and the creation of ...

    By Ecological Laboratories Inc based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA). from MICROBE-LIFT® Direct Fed Microbials Products Product line

  • Premium

    MICROBE-LIFT® / DFMAQ5BFA - Feed Additive Blend 5-Billion CFU/g Direct Fed Microbials

    MICROBE-LIFT® / DFM Microbial Blends are a cost effective and environmentally friendly option to manage Aquaculture Systems that often struggle with the overstocking of farms and the creation of excess waste. There is a strong correlation between FCR (food conversion ratio) and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Our AQT formulations are specially ...

    By Ecological Laboratories Inc based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA). from MICROBE-LIFT® Direct Fed Microbials Products Product line

  • futureNETS - Netting

    futureNETS can supply a wide variety of netting types and rope made with materials from our approved suppliers. SAFETY: Security at the workplace and throughout recreation areas has grown significantly in the past years. The laws and the standards are changing constantly. futureNETS is able to custom manufacture safety netting to meet your needs ...

    By FutureNets based in Pennfield, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA).

  • Plastic Poultry Fog Nozzle Cooling System

    Stop buying expensive brass or stainless steel nozzles, Non-corroding low cost plastic construction, Easy installation, Significantly lower air temperature, Increase feed efficiency and weight gain, Decrease respiratory problems and spread of disease, Remove dust from air.3

    By Greenhill Manufacturing based in Greendale, WISCONSIN (USA). from Poultry Cooling Systems Product line

  • Cablevey - Aquaculture Feeding Systems

    The aquaculture industry is constantly growing and changing, creating a need for dependable, efficient feeding systems to feed many fish in a short amount of time! Cablevey Feeding Systems custom manufactures aquaculture feeding systems for operations of all sizes. We believe in creating simple, efficient solutions for complex issues, which is why ...

    By Cablevey Feeding Systems based in Oskaloosa, IOWA (USA).

  • MiniMega - Reactor

    The MiniMegaFlow reactor is an application of MegaFlow technology to small tank aquaculture. This is needed in hatchery, nursery, and ornamental fish operations. The MiniMegaFlow tank makes it possible to maintain high densities of fish while keeping oxygen concentration at high levels and CO2 at low levels. These parameters are easily controlled ...

    By Kora (1980) Ltd. based in Zofit, ISRAEL.

  • Lice Skirts

    Our lice skirts are an extremely effective way of keeping salmon lice out of cages. We ensure that the salmon stay healthy all year round, by providing two different types of lice skirt. NWP’s lice skirts are specially designed to keep the lice away, while ensuring that the salmon enjoy optimum conditions all year round. We do this by ...

    By Norwegian Weather Protection AS (NWP) based in Seim, NORWAY. from Aquaculture Product line

  • Senect - Model MVW-M12-SC - Solenoid Water Valve

    The SENECT valve M12 is designed for the use in the water supply line. It main function is to refill water to compensate for losses. Due to its brass body, the solenoid valve can be operated with a pressure of up to 12 bar.

    By Senect GmbH & Co. KG based in Landau, GERMANY. from Actuators Product line

  • VideoRay - Model P4 AQ 300MS - Aquaculture Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) System

    The VideoRay P4 AQ 300MS is an aquaculture ROV System that has been specifically configured for fish farm underwater inspections. It quickly and effectively performs a variety of basic underwater fish farm inspection tasks. The easily deployable ROV can help control fishery operations by seeing what’s happening beneath the surface without ...

    By VideoRay LLC based in Pottstown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Others Product line

  • Aquarian - Aquaculture Surface Aerator

    The Aquarian Aquaculture is a floating surface aerator specifically designed to increase oxygen levels in aquaculture applications. Properly aerating a pond or body of water in an aquaculture setting means the water is healthy for fish or prawns and has the right amount of oxygen for optimal results. Paying close attention to water ...

    By Air-O-Lator Corporation based in GRANDVIEW, MISSOURI (USA). from Surface Aerators Product line

  • OsmoBot - Aquaculture Operating System

    Osmo automates water quality monitoring so you can focus on improving growth rates and yield. Catch dangerous trends before they become a problem with our simple and affordable system.

    By Osmo Systems based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Eco-Industrial - Model HB-6-250W-2W1B1G - Aquaculture Fish Farming Linear Highbay LED Light

    Aquaculture Fish Farming Light LED Linear High bay 1200mm 250 Watt WiFi control

    By Eco Industrial Supplies based in Christie Downs, AUSTRALIA. from Aquaculture Growing Lights LED IP65 Product line

  • Aquaculture Oxygen Monitoring Systems

    Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring for aquaculture, waste water and environmental. Obviously oxygen monitoring, and its control, is one of the key parameters to a successful aquaculture operation. Also suitable for waste water treatment, industrial processes and environmental monitoring. We recognized back in 2004 a gap in the market ...

    By Llyn Aquaculture Ltd based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Fish Farming Equipment Product line

  • Fish Health Products

    Zoetis is committed to meeting the needs of our aquaculture customers, and we recognize the importance of farmed fish as a food source. Zoetis provides aquatic medicines to help ensure long-term protection against disease in salmon so that aquaculture operators can ensure the health of their stock and optimize the returns on their business.

    By Zoetis based in Parsippany, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Farm Animals Product line

  • ASAKUA - Fish Cage Nets

    The function of the bag is to contain protect the fish and provide marine habitat. The net is normally flexible and made of synthetic netting of nylon or polyethylene fibers reinforced with polyethylene ropes, although recently new stronger materials like UHMWPE have appeared. The nets are kept stretched vertically with weights at the bottom of ...

    By ASAKUA based in Bayrakli - Izmir, TURKEY. from Aquaculture Equipment Product line

  • Aquaculture Feed Cannon on Wheels

    Proteus feeding cannons have been successfully in operation in the sea-bream and sea-bass business for many years, are diesel powered and hydraulic driven on a heavy duty stainless steel frame.

    By Proteus S.A. - Nireus Group based in Kardamila, GREECE. from Aquaculture Equipment Product line

  • ADDCON - Model AQUAFORM - Sustainable & Effective Growth Promoter

    Recently, growing awareness from consumers and producers of aquaculture species has resulted in calls for responsible and sustainable aquaculture. Public opinion and regulation authorities in most countries focus now on the misuse of antibiotics in aquaculture. At the same time, the development of new aquafeeds needs to be optimised too, since the ...

    By ADDCON GmbH based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, GERMANY. from Aquaculture Product line

  • FISA - Farming Cages

    FISA´s fish farming cages are developed and then assembled in our Net Service Center following very strict production standards. Our team of engineers is committed to manufacture systems that are reliable, safe to operate and long lasting. FISA´s cages guarantees an efficient and productive aquaculture ...

    By Fibras Industriales S.A (FISA) based in Lima, PERU. from Aquaculture Netting Product line

  • A-ZYME - Environmentally Safe Water Clarifying Agent For Aquaculture Operations

    ENCHOICE A-Zyme is an organic product, orginated in the U.S. It is easy to use, is a high performance concentrate product and provides significant environmental and economic benefits to the users.

    By Environmental Choices, Inc. based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • BRA - Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

    Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) operate by filtering water from the fish (or shellfish) tanks so it can be reused within the tank. This dramatically reduces the amount of water and space required to intensively produce seafood products. The steps in RAS include solids removal, ammonia removal, Co2 removal and oxygenation.

    By Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Inc. (BRA) based in Ridgeway, VIRGINIA (USA).

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