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Lobster Farming equipment for Aquaculture

  • Premium

    Inciner8 - Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Bio-hazards can be catastrophic in the fish farming and aquaculture industries. Incineration is still seen as the most reliable and cost effective solution to this ongoing problem. Once you have commissioned an Inciner8 incinerator, any outbreaks or contaminations can be quickly spotted and dealt with using the incinerator at source. Livestock ...

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Incinerator Product line

  • Lobster Pound Chillers

    One lobster pound owner recently said to me, “All refrigeration guys seem like they know what they’re talking about.”  But, YOU pay the big bucks for the condensing units.  YOU pay the big bucks for the chiller barrels.  YOU pay the big bucks for them to run copper pipe, and fill the thing with gas. ...

    By Aqua Production Systems Incorporated based in Plymouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Model 32 - Lightweight Clean Tool Litter Picker

    It is 32' lightweight clean tool litter picker, Aluminum alloy shaft, ABS, Durable and easy grip, Multi-usage.

  • Elizabeth Anne - Model ALN 031 - Fast Fishing Boat

    This Wave Angler operates out of Bridlington on the East coast of the UK and she is fully compliant with the UK ‘10m rule’. She is equipped for inshore sea bass netting and lobster pot hauling with a net hauler, capstan slave hauler and hydraulically powered rollers. With her large safe working deck she provides an ideal platform for ...

    By Alnmaritec Ltd. based in Blyth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Commercial Fishing & Angling Product line

  • Fiberglass Lobster Holding Tanks

    All of our fiberglass lobster holding tanks are rust-proof, lightweight, and extremely durable. They are manufactured using a premium resin, with a combination of fiberglass chopped strand and woven glass products.. These lobster holding tanks are easy to transport, and we can also deliver and install them for you. You’re able to test them ...

    By Dura-Tech Industrial & Marine Ltd. based in Westphal, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Aquaculture Tanks Product line

  • MAT - Model FT - Aquarium Fish Tanks

    MAT LSS manufactures a variety of Aquarium Fish Tanks and Quarantine Tanks. The sizes depend on the application and the needs of the customer. There are available Lobster Tanks, Shell Tanks, Balance Tanks, External Filter Housings, Quarantine Systems, as well as Cylinder Quarantine Tanks and more.

    By MAT Filtration Technologies based in Vari, GREECE.

  • Reacher Grabber

    It is Hot sale cleaning supply trash picker,Cleaning supply trash picker, Lightweight aluminum shaft ergonomic,High impact plastic handle, 32 inches, Heavy duty.

  • Eco Friendly Foldable Reacher Grabber

    It is Eco friendly foldable reacher grabber,Aluminum alloy shaft, stainless steel, ABS, rubber cups,32 inches,Durable,Multi-usage.

  • Garden Tools and Equipment Trash Picker Reacher

    It is Garden tools and equipment trash picker reacher,Metal pipe, ABS,32 inches,Durable, lightweight and multi-usage,Easy grip.

  • Shrimp - Broodstock Diets

    One of the problems with shrimp (and other crustacean) culture is broodstock diets and nutrition. Currently, most hatcheries around the world are using fresh or frozen squid, worms (polychaetes), fish and other marine organisms, topped up with nutritional additives. This practice is far from ideal, exposing the cultured animals to potential ...

    By Nutra-Kol based in Mullaloo, AUSTRALIA. from Broodstock Product line

  • EMYG - Living Seafood Chain

    Based on the INNOPURE technology and applications, EMYG Environment & Aquaculture created the Living Seafood Chain.  It is now possible to store and ship shellfish and live crustaceans in their water of origin: from ocean to plate!

    By EMYG Environnement et Aquaculture based in Carnoux en Provence, FRANCE.

  • Commercial and Research Aquaculture Systems

    FBD can design, supply and install commercial and research aquaculture systems including egg incubators, larval rearing tanks, hatchery/nursery and grow-out. With key species such as Barramundi, Murray Cod, Salmon, Trout, Scampi (lobster) and aquarium species.

    By Fresh By Design (FBD) based in Moss Vale, AUSTRALIA. from Aquaculture Systems Product line

  • Aqua - Lobster Holding Tanks

    Sniff… sniff… something smells good. The lobster crawls a hundred yards across the pristine ocean floor, stomach rumbling, towards the smell of freshly cut mackerel. A brisk climb up a trap wall, a not-so-gracious descent and … dinner is served … life is good. A day later in a buyer’s tank he dies. Why? He was ...

    By Aqua Production Systems Incorporated based in Plymouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Lobster - Tanks and Shellfish Holding Systems

    Lobster Tanks and Shellfish Holding Systems from 125Kg to 20 tonnes capacity made by Todd Fish Tech, here in the UK. We make the best recirculation systems for Lobsters, Crab and Langoustine. Optimum conditions ensure happy and healthy shellfish. Best Fishes – Always. Designed by Marine Biologist Dr Keith Todd formerly of Aqua Logistix, ...

    By Todd Fish Tech Ltd based in Fife, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Stone Grapple Lobster

    Special equipment for working with heavy stone blocs. Patented holding device (load held for > 30 min when engine is turned off). Interlocking fingers. Form locking, load enveloping construction with extended volume. Convertable into demolition- and sorting grapple with mammut shells. Endless hydraulic rotation. Made from WHD 450 special wear ...

    By WIMMER International GmbH.& Co.KG based in Thalga, AUSTRIA. from Grapples Product line

  • Lobster - Shellfish Hatchery System

    Shellfish Hatcheries are used for fisheries enhancement to ensure there are always plenty more fish in the sea. Todd Fish Tech founders Dr Keith and Errin Todd have developed really innovative lobster hatchery technology which is energy efficient and ensures environmentally fit lobster juveniles. Lobster juveniles are reared in controlled ...

    By Todd Fish Tech Ltd based in Fife, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Alken CLEAR-FLO - Model 1000 - Waste Degrader and Probiotic for Aquaculture

    ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 1000 is a dry, blend of four strains of Bacillus bacteria designed for simple reduction of aquatic nutrients (excreta, excess feed, surface runoff, etc.), where water quality is fairly good and a microbial blend is used as 'insurance' and as a simple gut probiotic when eaten by fish. ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 1000 has been used and ...

    By Alken-Murray Corporation based in Flint Hill, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Live Holding Systems

    FBD can design, supply and install Live Holding systems for a range of aquaculture species such as abalone, lobster and oysters. High quality filtration equipment will ensure your stock’s health and condition.

    By Fresh By Design (FBD) based in Moss Vale, AUSTRALIA. from Aquaculture Systems Product line

  • Zebra-Tech Wet Tag - Data Collection for Fisheries

    Fisheries catch sampling with the Zebra-Tech Wet Tag. Turn your lobster pot, crab pot or dredge into a data collection tool: Developed in cooperation with CRAMAC 5 of the New Zealand Lobster industry. The Wet Tag is a small low cost logger which records and transmits automatically. Temperature (average and max to 0.25 Deg C). Pressure (Average and ...

    By Zebra-Tech Ltd. based in Nelson, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Garden Hand Tool Litter Grabber

    It is 32' garden hand tool litter grabber, Aluminum alloy shaft, iron, ABS, Iron grabbing head, Durable and multi-usage, Easy grip.

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