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Microalgae Production equipment for Aquaculture

  • Medium Growth Microalgae Culture Products

    If you are looking for a source of quality culture growth medium then you've come to the right place. We manufacture our mediums and can create any custom combinations you are interested in. Our more popular culture mediums include Guillard's F/2 (including reduced nitrogen) which is used for many open and coastal water strains of microalgae ...

    By Algoid Technologies based in Miami Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Necton - Nutribloom

    NutriBloom – culture medium for microalgae cultivation richer than F/2!. Our R&D team has developed a culture medium to optimize microalgae growth in our production operations. A well-formulated medium guarantees fast growth and healthy cultures and also a high nutritional value of microalgae. Now, this culture medium is available for ...

    By Necton SA based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

  • Cellana ReNew™ - Model Omega-3s - Nutritional Oils

    Cellana’s Marine Algae Produce Healthy Nutritional Oils That Contain an Abundance of Omega-3s. Algae found in the sea are a major source of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), such as Omega-3s, which are essential for good health. These essential fatty acids are required for our bodies to maintain proper health but must be obtained from ...

    By Cellana LLC based in Kailua-Kona, HAWAII (USA).

  • Provifeed Isochrysis - Microalgae

    Isochrysis aff. galbana is a marine microalga selected for its high content of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (esp. DHA). These are the algae of choice for bivalve larviculture. They perform well in fish and shrimp larviculture as a green water treatment. Provifeed Isochrysis is ideally suited for marine fish, marine molluscs and both marine ...

    By Proviron based in Hemiksem, BELGIUM.

  • GemTube™ - Model RD1-250 - Mobile Skid Including Artificial Light

    Type : Vertically stacked closed tubular PBR, 65 mm x 2.2 mm Glass Pipes/63 mm x 1.2 mm Georg Fischer PVC-U pipes. Module : Stainless Steel Frame (316), circulation vessel (70 L), a centrifugal liquid pump, 5 membrane valves PH-and Temp probe, a linear air pump, switch cabinet with a web interfaced logging, measurement and control unit. ...

    By LGem b.v. based in Voorhout, NETHERLANDS.

  • Redono - Bio Algae Unit

    The BioAlgae unit is designed to eventually purify the recycled waters, while cultivating microalgae in the tubular photobioreactors (PBR), combined with high-tech LED-growlights. The unit can grow microalgae species likeHaematococcusPluvialis andAuxenochlorellaprotothecoides. Please read below more details of our microalgae species. The ...

    By Redono Oy based in Lohja, FINLAND.

  • GemTube™ - Model RD1-25 - Tubular Photobioreactors

    Heat sterilizable compact full lab glass inoculation or R&D unit on mobile skid. Type : Closed tubular PBR, 32 mm x 2.2 mm Glass Pipes. Module : Stainless Steel Frame (316), circulation vessel (2 L), 2 Glass valves, a linear air pump, switch cabinet with a web interfaced logging, measurement and control unit. Measurement of pH and control of ...

    By LGem b.v. based in Voorhout, NETHERLANDS.

  • Algeponics - Controlled Microalgae Environment System

    The Algeponics system is a controlled environment for growing microalgae in the nutrient rich wastewater from anaerobic digesters. With its patented technology, Algepower Inc. provides solutions to the challenges of waste remediation and cost-effective renewable energy production. Algoil can be used instead of plant seed oils as a bioenergy ...

    By Algepower Inc. based in Montpelier, VERMONT (USA).

  • Phyta-Platform - Photobioreactor Continuous Algae Production

    The Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor offers superior control over the inputs of photosynthetic reactions in microalgae. The scope of our projects include; implementing Carbon Capture from Ethanol Production, Power Generation, Concrete Manufacturing, and other industrial flue gasses for use in the Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor for cultivation ...

    By Culturing Solutions based in Port Richey, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Isochrysis

    sochrysis is a small (cell size 4-7 µm) golden/brown flagellate that is very commonly used in the aquaculture industry. It is very high in DHA and often used to enrich zooplankton such as rotifers or Artemia.

    By Proaqua based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Necton - Nannochloropsis

    Nannochloropsis is a small unicellular, free-floating green algae classified as: Ochrophyta (Phylum); Eustigmatophyceae (order); Monodopsidaceae (family); Nannochloropsis (Genus). Morphology: It has a diameter of about 2- 4 µm and a spherical shape.

    By Necton SA based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

  • Necton - PhytoBloom Ice Tetraselmis

    Tetraselmis is a unicellular flagellate classified as: Prasinophyta (Phylum); Pyramimonadales (Order); Platymonadaceae (Family); Tetraselmis (Genus). Morphology: Characterised by their cordiform, elliptical or almost spherical shape with a ranging size from 4 to 8 µm.

    By Necton SA based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

  • Dunaliella Salina Microalga

    It’s an halophile microalga that grow in high salt concentrations, this fact reduces drastically the possibilities that pathogenic microorganisms can grow up. Lives in environments with a high solar radiation, this is the reason why Dunaliella generates β-carotene to protect himself. Dunaliella salina is rich in carotenoids, mainly ...

    By Monzon Biotech based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • Microtech Ferro - Fertilizer

    Microtech Ferro eco is indicated to alliviate the lack of iron and favor chlorophyll. Normally this happens when the pH of the soil is not what the plant needs what translates into iron absorption difficulties. Microtech Ferro ecointegrates a hydrolytic compound in its formula obtained through TrieTech© technology, specifically designed to ...

    By Biorizon Group based in El Alquián (Almería), SPAIN. from Biopotenciadores - Tecnologia Trietech Eco Product line

  • Photobioreactors

    We design and manufacture high yield photobioreactors to operate both outdoors and indoors.

    By Aqualgae based in Viana do Castelo, PORTUGAL.

  • Pavlova - Model 1800 - Small Golden/Brown Flagellate

    Pavlova is a small golden/brown flagellate that is very similar to Isochrysis. It has a VERY high DHA profile and is excellent for enriching rotifers and other zooplankton. Pavlova is very difficult to grow so it is not produced by many hatcheries. Pavlova is similar in nutritional profile to Iso, however is has a more sophisticated sterol ...

    By Reed Mariculture Inc. based in Campbell, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Instant Algae Product line

  • Synoxis - Model NANO - Modular Photobioreactor Cultivation System

    This product is adapted to the needs of laboratories as well as research and development centers. Easily moveable on a bench, its compacity makes it the perfect tool to experiment simply. This photobioreactor offers a batch, a semi-continuous or a continuous mode.

    By Synoxis Algae based in LE CELLIER T, FRANCE. from Cultivation System Product line

  • Synoxis - Model LUCY - Accessible Photobioreactor Cultivation System

    LUCY is the first product designed and built by Synoxis Algae. She integrates an innovative technology that produces quality biomass with high productivities. Used to produced inoculum and as a study tool for research laboratories, LUCY has the capacity to meet the needs of all the market participants.

    By Synoxis Algae based in LE CELLIER T, FRANCE. from Cultivation System Product line

  • Synoxis - LED Light Bar

    To increase your productivity, it is necessary to have an adapted light. Our LED light bar regulates the luminosity so the microalgae can complete their photosynthesis at the proper irradiance level.

    By Synoxis Algae based in LE CELLIER T, FRANCE. from Accessories Product line

  • A4F - Cascade Raceways System

    Continuous design optimization since 2010 by A4F for cost effective microalgae production considering energetic costs, productivity enhancement and weather specific conditions, such as high rainfall or sand storms.

    By A4F based in Lisboa, PORTUGAL. from Technological Platforms - Open System Product line

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