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Photobioreactors equipment for Aquaculture

  • Photobioreactor with Microalgae

    The neomar technology supports the utilization of waste and remaining nutrients. This is possible, due to the low water renewal rate of less than 1% of the system volume per day. Particulate and dissolved nutrients are removed and concentrated by the water treatment and can be used efficiently in following processes.

    By neomar GmbH based in Uetze-Eltze, GERMANY.

  • CryoPharos - Model PBR - Industrial Scale Lab Photobioreactors

    Xanthella have announced the launch of a new version of their easy-to-use and highly flexible microPharos PBRphotobioreactor system, the cryoPharos PBR.

    By Xanthella based in Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Phyco-Flow - Model 600L - Serpentine Photobioreactor

    The Phyco-Flow is an innovative new serpentine design that scales easily to meet increased production requirements. This photobioreactor dramatically reduces labour and handling problems with a patented self-cleaning mechanism. The light collecting tubes are made from Duran™ grade borosilicate, in partnership with Schott Glass. ...

    By Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd based in Hallow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Algae PhotoBioreactors Product line

  • Subitec - Model FPA - Outdoor Production Systems

    The culture suspension is kept in a constant eddy inside the specially designed static mixers of the FPA reactors. This means that the algae is continuously cycled from the illuminated side to the unilluminated side of the reactor which ensures that all algae receive light as they are constantly 'brought' to the light.

    By Subitec GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY. from Systems Product line

  • Algatech - Cutting Edge Microalgae Cultivation Technology

    Located in the Arava desert, one of the most arid and remote places on earth, Algatech enjoys renewable energy from the first solar facility in Israel, and water from an ancient sea 1km below the surface. Over time, Algatech, a leading astaxanthin manufacturer,  grew to become one of the world’s largest photobioreactor facilities ...

    By Algatech based in D.N Hevel Eilot, ISRAEL.

  • MicroPharos - Model PBR - Industrial Scale Lab Photobioreactors

    Magnetic catches make it easy to assemble and disassemble the PBR. Ports in the lid allow a range of sensor and control functions to be undertaken depending on the user’s requirements.

    By Xanthella based in Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pandora - Model PBR - Industrial Scale Lab Photobioreactors

    Pandora PBR system is ideal for pilot scale and industrial production. This 100-1000L airlift PBR uses the same Zeus II controller and LED technology as the other Xanthella PBRs, making easier the scale-up cultivation.

    By Xanthella based in Argyll, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Algenol - Photobioreactors

    Fully enclosed algal growing system. Air, water and nutrients are micro-filtered prior to introduction into the system. System is designed to permit tight control over nutrient conditions within the culture. Production yields 2-3 times that of open ponds. High density monocultures ensures the highest product quality and consistency.

    By Algenol Biotech based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA). from Algae Production Systems Product line

  • Artemia and Rotifer

    Rotifer culture foods and enrichment products, Artemia. 430 microns, 480 microns, 500 microns and above, Separt. Artemia enrichment products, Artemia Opening Units.

    By Akuamaks Company based in Cankaya / Ankara, TURKEY. from Algae Production Photobioreactors Product line

  • Venture - Model PBR 1250L - Algae Photobioreactor

    Ideal for growing live algae at aquaculture hatcheries producing oyster, mussels, geoduck, clam, scallop, shrimp, etc.

    By Venture Farms Pte Ltd based in SINGAPORE. from Equipment - Algae Bioreactor Product line

  • Algae PBR - Algae Photobioreactor

    ALGAE PHOTOBIOREACTOR: SMALL SCALE ALGAE HARVESTINGCJP has developed a unique Photobioreactor for demonstration and testing purpose and all prospective companies/organization should install the demonstration plant to start with algae so they can customize the mix of algae species and nutrients for the climatic conditions and water quality of the ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • NAABB - Algae Cultivation

    The development of scalable practices in various environments is part of the NAABB concept. Our partners are addressing cultivation in arid, semi-arid, wet, and marine environments. We have tools to measure productivities under climate conditions that simulate variations in light, air and pond temperatures for seasonal variations in different ...

  • ViPAR - Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor

    It is the patented Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor. ViPAR is the world’s first algae photobioreactor capable of producing utility scale quantities of algae feedstock for the profitable production of industrial quantities of Drop-In Renewable Transportation Fuels. It is a “greenhouse” in a tube; thousands and thousands ...

    By MasseReaction, Inc. based in Palm City, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Microalgae Cultivation Systems

    PhytoBag : for cultivation in custom-made soft disposable polyethylene bag, Modular system to be assembled on site. PhytoTank : conical tank with FRP or PP support and PMMA or PETg cylinder with lid ; drainage valve at the bottom of the cone. Photobioreactor : complete automated system for production, with lighting, temperature regulation, ...

    By Aquaculture Partners based in Sant Gregori (Girona), SPAIN.

  • Phyco-Bubble - Model 2 – 25 L - Fully Controllable Laboratory Scale Column Photobioreactor System

    Our Phyco-Bubble columns bring a fully controllable laboratory scale reactor system to the marketplace. The columns are available in a range of incremental sizes from 3 – 25 L, and can be illuminated with LED or Gro-Lux back lighting that can be tailored to specific photosynthetic requirements. The systems are mixed by aeration which ...

    By Redono Oy based in Lohja, FINLAND.

  • Algem - Environment Modelling Labscale Photobioreactor

    Unlike other systems on the market that are often bioreactors with crudely bolted-on lights and not completely fit for purpose, the Algem was designed by our team of algal R&D scientists specifically to drive forward algal biology research. We are proud to offer you the Algem that fulfils our wish list of being simple and easy to use, ...

    By Algenuity based in Stewartby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Subitec - Model FPA - Photobioreactor

    The patented Subitec cultivation technology is based on a uniquely designed flat plate reactor. The unique reactor technology avoids disadvantages of photobioreactors with conventional design. The systematic technology advaces a range of benefits, whereas outstanding is the patented stream guidance induced by integrated static mixers marking ...

    By Subitec GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY. from Products Product line

  • Model FMT 150 - Photobioreactors

    Photobioreactor FMT 150 features a unique combination of the cultivator and computer controlled monitoring device. It is primarily designed for modular and precise phototrophic cultivation of algae, cyanobacteria and bacteria. Light power and spectral composition as well as temperature and aeration gas composition can be set with high accuracy.

    By Photon Systems Instruments, spol. s r.o. (PSI) based in Drasov, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Photobioreactors Product line

  • Necton - Microalgae Cultivation Technology

    After more than two decades of microalgae cultivation, several technologies were installed and operated in our site, such as raceways, closed photobioreactors (PBRs), and even Greenwalls (GW). Necton is perhaps the only company in the world that has tested so many different technologies, ranging from closed to open systems.

    By Necton SA based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

  • Cellana ALDUO™ - Photosynthetic Production System

    Cellana’s core technology is a photosynthetic production system that economically grows proprietary algae strains at a commercial-scale. The patented production system, called ALDUO™ technology, is unique in that it couples closed-culture photobioreactors with open ponds in a two-stage process. Previous attempts at scaling up algae ...

    By Cellana LLC based in Kailua-Kona, HAWAII (USA).

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