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Bi-On CPB minimises fungal infections in pineapples


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Pineapples are susceptible to different diseases linked to air quality.
The main problems include the growth of fungi on the crown, changes in the exterior colour from green to brown and sometimes considerable translucence inside the pineapple.
As the pineapple is a non-climacteric fruit, ethylene does not accelerate its ripening, but it does speed up its senescence.
Senescence causes a series of changes and deterioration that contribute to the weakening of the skin structure, leaving it open to fungi attack.
It has also been shown that some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by fruit act as chemical signals for pathogen invasion.
Bioconservacion, a leader in non-invasive post-harvest solutions, has recently developed the Bi-On CPB filters, which are specially designed to reinforce the fungistatic action in non-climacteric fruit, as well as to reduce ethylene levels in the air.
The Bi-On CPB filter formulation incorporates a specific mixture that is more effective against high molecular weight fungal spores and COVs.
Without coming into contact with the fruit, the Bi-On CPB filter retards the aging process and prevents fungal infection caused by poor air quality.
The use of Bi-On CPB filters is compatible with other technologies and its application is extremely advantageous where chemical fungicide use is restricted. Air filtration using Bi-On CPB filters is a post-harvest technology that does not leave residues and is compatible with ecological/organic farming.

In summary, filtering the air in the storage chambers and/or transport containers in the post-harvest phase of the pineapple using Bi-On CPB filters is completely harmless for the fruit and makes it possible to have fresher pineapples for a longer time, while maintaining all their organoleptic properties intact and free from fungal infections.

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