New standardised product sheet for compost in Denmark

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Courtesy of ORBIT e.V.

The project was initiated in 1996 by the Working Group on Biological Treatment of Waste within the industry association Danish Waste Management Association (ISWA in DK). It should culminate in a voluntary measurement as a way to improve the quality, use and sale of, as well as confidence in compost. At the same time the project should improve the service provided from the professional laboratories to the composting plants.

The main features of the Product Sheet

A two-page compost declaration form has been made (see figure 1 and 2). The form is easily filled out by the composting plants and understood by the compost users. Additionally 12 different suggestions for user guides are provided as possible information material. A basic package of analyses, incl. descriptions of the analysis methods, improves the exchange of information between the commercial laboratories and the composting plants.

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