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  • Piglet Feed

  • Pre-Starter - Piglet Feed

    Pre-Starter - Piglet Feed

    The A-One Piglet Range provides excellent nutrition right from the start, guaranteeing you with consistenly high quality livestock. Feeding a high quality diet in the early stages of life is essential if you want to achieve optimum lifetime performance. It is a well known fact that the ability to digest certain nutrients is determined by the enzyme activity in the gut. Unsuitable raw materials can cause diarohoea and gut damage. In order to ensure...

  • Special Flat Deck Feed

    Special Flat Deck Feed

    Special Flatdeck is designed to increase weight gain and gut condition from the very start of weaning. It's unique formulation gives maximum results for piglets weaned as low as 3kg. Ideal for gruel feeding when fostering or pre starting the piglets on solid feed. When incorporated into an A-One feeding programme enhances feed intake and growth rates for the whole of the post-weaning phase. Special Flatdeck can be...

  • Livestock Feed -Supplementary Products

  • Gold Topp - Supplementary Feed

    Gold Topp - Supplementary Feed

    In addition to increasing feed intake in the inappetant sow, Gold Topp increases milk production leading to heavier weaning weights. Fertility is also improved with stronger heats and reduced days from weaning to conception. Feed 0.5kg/sow/day.

  • Populate - Supplementary Feed

    Populate - Supplementary Feed

    The quantity and quality of semen is vital in ensuring high conception rates in the serving house. Poor quality semen can lead to:

  • Klenz - Super Dry  Supplementary Feed

    Klenz - Super Dry Supplementary Feed

    Super Dry Klenz is a free flowing pink powder with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is excellent for use in creep areas, and will help to keep piglets dry and free from infections. It will improve the welfare and performance of pigs of all ages and is particularly recommended for use in farrowing houses, weaner accommodation, boar pens and straw yards. A typical application for Super Dry Klenx is 40-50g p/sq metre.

  • Equine Supplements

  • Model 0008 - Soya Oil

    Model 0008 - Soya Oil

    A high quality Soya Bean derived oil that is a very effective source of non-heating, slow release energy. This energy is used up in periods of more relaxed and less strenuous work. Allowing for more readily available energy sources to be used during periods of more intensive work. Due to this energy sourcing effect, Soya oil is ideally suited to horses requiring improved stamina. Soya Oil is alos a great source of essential fatty acids, such as...