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A.A.M.S. (Advanced Agricultural Measurement Systems) is a recently founded company that started in 2002 with the development and production of test equipment for agricultural machines. A team with many years of experience in the field of agricultural technology, developed for the time being mostly products for controlling, calibrating and adjustment of the sprayers for the agriculture and horticulture.

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Sint-Barbarastraat 34 , Maldegem , 9990 Belgium

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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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AAMS-SALVARANI bvba is a recently founded company in Belgium. It started in 2002 under the name A.A.M.S. (Advanced Agricultural Measurement Systems) with the development and production of test and measuring equipment for agricultural machinery. The synergy between the former A.A.M.S. and SALVARANI Srl from Italy allows both companies to benefit of the knowledge exchange by implementing the best practices and making use of specific experiences to strengthen this strategic partnership.

These advantages exceed the possibilities of the companies to reach their new goals: being present in many countries worldwide and being able to offer a wider range of unique product solutions for the inspection and calibration of spraying equipment.

Together both companies work as a strong team with many years of experience in the field of agricultural technology. The focus still lies on the development of products for testing, calibrating and adjusting sprayers used in agriculture and horticulture.

AAMS-SALVARANI bvba aims to be part of the latest developments in the field of agricultural mechanization and to meet the needs of regulations.
During the creation of adequate solutions for new and used machinery the recommendations of the producers of agricultural machinery are always taken into consideration.

AAMS-SALVARANI bvba can rely on a team of experts, each of them with a long professional history and a lot of experience within the field of spraying techniques. This makes it possible for us to develop and provide the most progressive measuring and testing machinery in cooperation with research institutes, universities, producers of agricultural machinery, training units, test centers and inspection authorities.

Today AAMS-SALVARANI bvba offers a complete range of products for the control and inspection of sprayers - used in agriculture and horticulture (including horticulture under glass)- and equipment for controlling (chemical and organic) fertilizer spreaders and slurry injectors. AAMS-SALVARANI bvba is stationed in Maldegem, Belgium. SALVARANI srl is the contact point for the Italian users and research centers interested in the optimization of pesticide use in agriculture.