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Aardam Planten

Aardam is a company with a flat organisational structure and short lines of communication that is committed to the concept of People, Planet, Profit. Our mission is to ensure the continuity of Aardam Planten b.v. by using sustainable procedures to produce starting material (palms and tropical pot plants), by providing our customers with customised solutions according to the customers’ preferences for quality, and by collaborating with others in the production and distribution chain for the purpose of creating added value. Aardam is the source for al your starting material of ornamentals and palms. Either form seeds, cuttings or tissue-culture : because of our world wide network we can supply it al. Aardam specializes in supplying starting material for professional plant growers worldwide.

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Oostkanaalweg 5b , Aarlanderveen , South Holland 2445 BA Netherlands
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(the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture) conducts periodic monitoring at our company to ensure that Aardam is producing plant material free of disease. Our affiliation number is 25506. More info about Phytosanitary Certificate

Florimark GTP (Good Trade Practice) certified:

The Florimark certificate means a guarantee of traceability as well as many other aspects. Florimark GTP sets requirements for social, environmental and quality aspects and devotes attention to collaboration in the chain. Specific elements in the certification scheme include freshness, initial checks, storage, stock management, distribution and the traceability of purchased flowers and plants in the trading channel. Our affiliation number with Florimark is 680025.

Tropical Seeds:

Aardam’s close affiliation with Tropical Seeds bv gives us a direct source for purchasing our seeds and provides us with a first choice in quality and variety.

Phyto Innovation:

Met deze uitbreiding heeft Aardam de mogelijkheid om via weefselkweek nieuwe soorten en verbetering van bestaande soorten te ontwikkelen. Hiermee is ook de internationale positie van aardam in de toekomst verstevigd. 


The Zamicro (Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Zamicro’) is a miniature cultivar of the larger and much more familiar Zamioculcas zamiifolia, a plant that originated in tropical Africa where it is known as the ZZ plant. Another common name for this plant is the Eternity Plant because its underground rhizomes continuously produce new shoots. And the Zamicro’s origins in a harsh natural environment mean that it can survive a lot of stress.

Amazing Aglaonema

The Aglaonema, also known as Chinese Evergreen, is a sturdy ornamental houseplant that can tolerate a shady location, low reletive humidity and irregular watering. Some varieties can also withstand cold temperatures. The aglaonema has been shown to help purify the air, its many varieties provide a wide range of foliage colour, and it is also suitable for hydroponics. An Aglaonema is a plus for every interior and is well worth buying because of its long life.

Air So Pure

Aardam is also an Air So Pure supplier. is the name given to a group of plants known for their ability to purify the air. Air So Pure growers guarantee the quality of these special plants. Scientists have proven that these plants provide the following health benefits. cientists have proven that these plants provide the following health benefits:

  • neutralisation of harmful gases
  • increase in humidity level
  • creation of a generally healthy indoor climate