Ace Aquatec Ltd

Ace Aquatec is a leading company in acoustic systems for marine and aquaculture application and electric stunning systems for fish farms. Used by many of the largest fish farms in the UK and internationally, our fish farm systems offer state of the art solutions to predation and humane slaughter. Used by some of USA’s biggest fishing fleets our hull deterrents have an excellent reputation for reducing predation on catch. Used by many of the largest installers of offshore wind farms our mitigation devices are recommended by many of the government organisations seeking to reduce negative impacts on marine mammals.

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25 Castle Street , Dingwall , Ross-Shire IV15 9HU United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

  • Ace Aquatec specialises in acoustic marine mammal deterrents and humane electrical fish stunning equipment. Our markets are aquaculture, off-shore construction / demolition and fishermen.
  • The US3 is the latest model of acoustic deterrent for the fish farming industry offering data logging, high and low frequency transducers, and sonar triggering.
  • The MMD is offered to the long line fishermen, to offshore platforms engaged in pile driving and government organisations engaged in post oil spillage response. The sophisticated electronics drives marine wildlife to a zone of safety.
  • The HMD is a hull variant of the MMD offered to longline fishermen to reduce by-catch.
  • Electric stunning: The HSU is the latest model of electric stunner. It allows the user to pre-programme a range of perametres for stunning many species and sizes with the same machine.

Our acoustic equipment is developed and built by our partner Neptune Sonar, who are located on a 25-acre site in East Yorkshire. With a 60,000 square metre trials lake and a floating calibration laboratory the site provides an extensive range of facilities supporting every aspect of acoustic transducer development from modelling and design to final product acceptance. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, the “on site” calibration facility ensures that Neptune Sonar’s production transducers are supplied to the highest quality standards using a monitored programme of free-field acoustic testing on a continuous basis.

Our electric stunners are developed by our partner Silsoe Livestock Systems and built by LCI in Dorset. All equipment meets EU standards.