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Actagro LLC

Actagro LLC

Actagro, LLC is a global leader in plant nutrient technology. Our organic acid-based products are highly effective when used with plant nutrients. These organic acid products are a unique class of plant nutrition products, based on proprietary technologies. Complexed with primary, secondary, and micro-nutrients to formulate specific blends, Actagro products are designed to compliment conventional plant nutrition, and meet the needs of progressive and profitable growers and dealers throughout the United States and other countries.

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677 W. Palmdon Dr., Suite #108 , Fresno , California 93704 USA
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In search of a better way to feed crops, Actagro looked to the foremost authority—Nature. The success of Actagro Organic Acids comes from working with and imitating nature in both form and source. The resulting technology enables Actagro to manufacture plant nutrients reacted with stable humus components that are extremely efficient, highly plant responsive, and friendly to the environment.

Actagro manufactures unique products. The process begins with the extraction of leonardite (a natural product rich in organic matter) and continues with controlled reactions with nutrients and the organic acids extracted from leonardite. Proprietary carbohydrate packages are integrated to this unique, complex manufacturing process to result in a four part system which includes unique humin fragment and our carbohydrate packages in addition to humic and fulvic acids.

Actagro products are proven by both hands-on field experience and third party, replicated research work. The key to their efficiency is the unique formulation of Actagro Organic Acids. When properly applied, Actagro products have repeatedly increased yields, improved quality and provided the greatest return on investment.

Actagro Organic Acids are not petroleum based and are manufactured with a low energy input process which makes them have a considerately lower carbon footprint relative to synthetic fertilizers. Actagro Organic Acids are non-toxic and a key part of a sustainable farming practice.

The high efficiency of products backed by the Actagro Organic Acids Technology Platform™ make them ideal for growers interested in maintaining sustainable agriculture practices which promote less material applied with same or greater yield results.

The Actagro Technology is discovered setting Actagro on the path to the Actagro Organic Acids Technology Platform™ of today.

Late 1990s
Actagro invests heavily in the Western U.S. market with new strategic alliances, added sales staff and field research efforts.

Late 2000s
Actagro invests in a second manufacturing plant in Osceola, Arkansas to support rapidly growing Eastern U.S. business.

Early 2010s
Actagro establishes strong distribution relationships in all of North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Actagro remains committed to high quality, high performance research and science based soil and plant health technology solutions. Commercially active throughout the World, Actagro is also continually invested in global expansion.

Some Things are Simply Unrivaled
Unparalleled. Multifaceted. Indispensable.

Modern day, high density agricultural operations deplete and exhaust organic matter and nutrients in the soil. For years growers have used fertilizers to try and compensate for this depletion while attempting to maintain yield.

Across a broad range of soil and plant types, soils and plants treated with the Actagro Organic Acids Technology Platform are highly valued for their ability to enhance fertilizer performance and produce high crop yields. Actagro is committed to the delivery of new agronomic tools for production agriculture to restore soil health and maximize plant productivity through agronomically sound crop programs resulting in higher yields and improved crop quality. Actagro products provide an optimized nutrition delivery system via the Actagro Organic Acids Technology Platform and are proven to replenish the soil and plants via multiple mechanisms.

In essence, the Actagro Organic Acids in Actagro products are a unique, high carbon content material derived from a humate-based technology that utilizes active ingredients extracted from Leonardite in a proprietary process. Actagro Organic Acids packages and are designed to:

Maximize Nutrient Availability By:

  • Increasing CEC in the application zone
  • Increasing availability and solubility of nutrients
  • Reducing the negative effect of variable pH

Moderate Toxicity of Salts By:

  • Complexing fertilizer salts reducing root and leaf burn
  • Buffering the negative effects of soil and water salts

Improve Plant and Microbial Activity By:

  • Providing food sources for beneficial microbes
  • Encouraging greater root mass and plant vigor