ADA Enterprises, Inc

ADA Enterprises, Inc

ADA Enterprises, Inc. has been manufacturing poly-vinyl coated animal floors since 1974. This cutting-edge process was our beginning in the pork business. Dura Trac was first made for farrowing, nursery, and finishing barns. Not only are these animal floors comfortable, and easy to clean, but also quick and efficient to install. In addition, we build them to your specific needs. Since the early days, ADA has expanded its product line. Calves, goats, and pigs have all benefited from Dura Trac floors. As a matter of fact, the list has expanded to sheep, ducks, and geese! Dura = Durable! Trac = Traction!

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PO Box 77, 305 Enterprize Dr , Northwood , Iowa 50459 USA
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Customer Satisfaction is #1

Consumers know that quality products begin with quality materials.  ADA Enterprises, Inc. understands the importance of this. We are devoted to customer satisfaction.  Our experienced and skilled staff will design the floors to your needs. Our focus is on quality design from the start. As a result, we have many returning customers. Dura Trac sets the standard in top-of-the-line animal flooring.

Growing to Better Serve Our Customers!

ADA Enterprises, Inc. recently went through the largest growth in the history of the company. Our building has more than doubled in size! The addition is used to house a new state of the art coating line. The emphasis is on efficiency and environmental safety. Not to mention, loading and unloading is much easier with a new indoor loading dock. At the same time, space has been added to store inventory. With the new floor plan, productivity is even greater.

Expanding Our Horizons

n 1998, ADA Enterprises, Inc. purchased Premier Polysteel, a playground company.  ADA used the network already built to begin manufacturing and selling poly-vinyl coated commercial outdoor furniture.  We apply this unique coating process to all aspects of our furniture line. It was then decided to go a cut above our competitors. Consequently, a poly-vinyl coating is applied to everything! Not only the table tops and seats, but also the legs and braces. As a result, Premier Polysteel backs its products with an Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty! 

In the same fashion, in 2006 ADA began working closely with Ralph McGrew, DVM.  When Dr. McGrew decided to retire, it was a smooth transition to purchase Ridglan Animal Care Systems from him. We strive to continue the excellent work that he began in veterinarian and research animal flooring.