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  • Aquaculture

  • ADDCON - Model AQUAFORM - Sustainable & Effective Growth Promoter

    ADDCON - Model AQUAFORM - Sustainable & Effective Growth Promoter

    Recently, growing awareness from consumers and producers of aquaculture species has resulted in calls for responsible and sustainable aquaculture. Public opinion and regulation authorities in most countries focus now on the misuse of antibiotics in aquaculture. At the same time, the development of new aquafeeds needs to be optimised too, since the cost of feed often accounts for 50% or more of the operational expenses for an aquaculture facility.

  • ADDCON FishForm - Model Plus - Fish Meal and Fish Oil

    ADDCON FishForm - Model Plus - Fish Meal and Fish Oil

    Fish meal and fish oil are basic protein and energy sources in the process of production of animal feeds; particularly the production of fish feeds. The quality of formulated diets depends largely on the quality of the raw products, with fish meal as primary protein source. Fish growth depends on digestibility of fish feed and moreover on the bio-availability of the nutrients. An increased bio-availability of the nutrients contained in the fish feed...

  • ADDCON AntiBoil - Boiling Silage

    ADDCON AntiBoil - Boiling Silage

    Boiling silage is a problem especially in the warm season. Boiling means gass production and foaming due to microbial and biochemical activity in the silage. It has nothing to do with boiling at 100 degrees Celcius. Boiling is mainly a problem in the summer season. ANTIBOIL efficiently prevents and stops this accelerating reaction.

  • Silage Additives

  • ADDCON - Silaging Equipment

    ADDCON - Silaging Equipment

    Pay particular attention to your dosing equipment. We would specifically advise against using so-called minimum application dosers. These devices can only dose bacterial preparations in small quantities, and they cannot apply silaging additives. For you as a farmer, this does not give you the option of choosing different silage additives in different weather conditions. Seek advice and ask your contractor which dosing equipment would be best for you....