Advanced Nutrients Pty Ltd.

Advanced Nutrients Pty Ltd.

Since 2000, Advanced Nutrients has been helping agricultural, horticultural and livestock producers boost returns and reduce farming risks by developing innovative fertiliser solutions which cost less and deliver more. Advanced Nutrients products are sold throughout Australia and exported to Africa, Asia and the Middle East - giving growers in these diverse markets a better, more reliable farming system. Only Advanced Nutrients has the innovative products such as coated ‘Black’ controlled release fertilisers, high analysis liquid fertilisers - together with the expertise to help you understand the link between soil fertility and plant nutrition to unlock your true productive potential.

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2/33 Kremzow Road , Brendale , Queensland 4500 Australia
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Advanced Nutrients Pty Ltd is a sustainable production company that was incorporated in Queensland Australia in July 2000. We have offices in Brisbane and Sydney as well as international sub offices in Bakersfield USA and Johannesburg SA. We have four points of distribution in Brisbane - Dinmore, Darra, and Brendale as well as one in Geelong,VIc. Our next targeted distribution points will be at a port in North Queensland and either Newcastle or Port Kembla.

Advanced Nutrients recently undertook a joint share holder equity venture with Australian company EcoCatalysts Pty Ltd and South African fertiliser company Profert Holdings.

Advanced Nutrients value adds, manufactures and distributes a range of liquid fertilisers, both inorganic and organic for seed, soil and foliar applications under our Advanced Liquids brand. We manufacture a full range of mineral and mineral blended granular products as well as mineral liquids under our Enviromin brand. We value add to commodity fertilisers through our Black Fertiliser range led by Black Urea and Black DAP, and as of March 2009 we now also import and distribute bulk commodity fertilisers under the brand Allfert which includes Urea, MAP, MAP Zn, DAP, SOP, MOP and SOA. Advanced Nutrients also has a consumer divison, Extreme Plant Food, that consists of unique Fertiliser Stix's and liquid products for the home gardener, distributed via a web site and various nurseries, metropolitan and rural retail outlets.

Advanced Nutrients is your only 'one stop shop' for all growers soil fertility and plant nutrition needs; as we also conduct a comprehensive soil testing and tissue testing service through an independant laboratory that ensure the right products at the right time. Through our 'Grow Plan, 3yr Program' we offer a complete 3-year-tailor-made program to meet growers needs in the following fields: Agriculture, Pasture, Horticulture, Viticulture, Turf and Animal Nutrition.

Mission Statement

Advanced Nutrients are experts working in the agribusiness sector, who deal with sustainable and multifunctional agriculture, guarantee adequate quality and quantity of food and fibre for the increasing population, accordingly to challenges of the 21st century, without causing irreversible harmful effects in the essential elements (soil –water –air –biosphere) of the environment.