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Advantage Feeders was started in 2006 by Gerard Roney. Advantage Feeders' focus is to help individual farmers make more profit by incorporating feeding systems on to their farms. One way of making it easy for farmers to use our system is to provide extensive information about. Using the Feeders. Moving the Feeders. How much feed is being consumed. Identifying Shy Feeders. Advantage Feeders' business structure allows us to deliver the most cost effective products to our clients. We pass on savings to our customers, selling the best value product range on the market.

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502 Howitt Street , Ballarat North , Victoria 3350 Australia

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Advantage Feeders was started in 2006 by Gerard Roney. Gerard grew up as one of seven children on a sheep and cropping property in Axedale, central Victoria. He developed his main product, the grain feeder, while he was studying at university. In 2005 Gerard bought 1000 ewes, and found that the feeders he bought could not offer a low enough ration. Gerard wanted to feed 250g/head/day, but the feeders only had one adjusting slide, and the lowest consistent ration he was able to feed was 600/head/day. The inability to feed a low ration meant that Gerard was finding the cost of feed and feeding very expensive, and was struggling to find the time to constantly feed the sheep. 

Gerard spent 6 months making and testing prototypes featuring the Advanced Adjustment System that he had developed. His goal was to develop a system within grain feeders that would limit the sheep to accessing only what they could touch with their tongue at any one time. Gerard's trials indicated that sheep were leaving a feeder set to a low ration after about 5 minutes of feeding. 

Gerard set up a video which showed that sheep could only eat from the restricted settings when they had saliva on their tongue. Once the saliva had dried out – after about 5 minutes of feeding – the sheep has to wait for it to build back up again before revisiting the feeder. It is because of this that when the slides of an Advantage Feeder are in the restricted setting, sheep are fed approximately 200g/head/day. Advantage Feeders’ grain feeders have since been used successfully with sheep, cattle and goats. 

In 2007, the first Cradle Hay Feeder was developed to enable feeding out full round bales to stock in an elevated position without requiring a front end loader. The range of hay feeders soon grew to include Sliding Gates and Tray Hay Feeders. In 2010, the Hay Feeder Roof was developed to add extra benefit to the Cradle and Tray Hay Feeders.

Advantage Feeders developing products is a continual process at Advantage and every year since its inception, innovative products have been released. Advantage Feeders is continuing to expand across the Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and South Africa. In 2013 Advantage Feeders is planning to sell products in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and the USA.