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  • AG-Shield - Land Roller

    AG-Shield - Land Roller

    Rollers provide a smooth and level surface for improved seed-to-soil contact, better weed control, and reduced moisture loss. Germination of canola, forages and other small seeds is significantly improved. The firm smooth fields guarantee faster, easier harvesting for short crops like chickpeas, peas, lentils and soybeans. Because the land roller presses the rocks into the ground, it speeds up harvest—you can run closer to the ground and reduce...

  • AG Shield - Model ReCon 300 - Swath Reconditioner

    AG Shield - Model ReCon 300 - Swath Reconditioner

    The ReCon 300 is a high speed conditioner that can invert, mix, and move your swath all in one pass. With alfalfa and grass hays, cereals crops, corn stover, and sudan grass the ReCon accelerates your haying operations.

  • AG Shield - Multi Trailer

    AG Shield - Multi Trailer

    Finally! Atrailer that does all your jobs. For years, you've been licensing and maintaining more than one trailer so you can get your work done; one to haul round bales and one for square bales, machinery transport and all those odd jobs that need doing.The MultiTrailer gets things under control. With the deck flat, you have a highway legal flat deck to move a load of lumber, that old car you are restoring or a load of square bales to the horse ranch...

  • AG Shield - Cross Auger

    AG Shield - Cross Auger

    The cross auger kits from Ag Shield let you use your draper header in all of your crops. The augers span the whole header and drag material in from the corners so there is no dead areas. All the fluffy material feeds smoothly end to centre! No more lumps surging through the combine, overtressing drives and overloading sieves. You can relax with you harvest under contol. Built to provide long lasting touble free service the cross auger will work with...

  • AG Shield - Road Side Sprayer

    AG Shield - Road Side Sprayer

    Ag Shield’s solid shield covers on our Road Side Sprayers ensure that you only control the grass where you want to. The slopes keep their cover so they don’t erode in heavy runoff conditions. This excellent drift control also keeps chemical off nearby crops allowing you to spray at any time throughout the summer. You can even add a second pump and tank system so you only spray for broadleaves down the shoulder and leave the grass grow down...

  • Model ATV - Sprayer

    Model ATV - Sprayer

    Tired of waiting for the breeze to die down so you can get your weeds under control? Ag Shield has the answer. Our ATV sprayers are built to let you spray when you want. With Ag Shield's solid Shields (proven for 23 years on commercial sprayers) drift becomes much less of a concern. Now you can spray where you want to, when you want to! If you have specific days when you must spray now you can. Ag Shield has built a reasonably priced, full featured...

  • Field Sprayers

    Field Sprayers

    Ag Shield machines control drift. You are ON TARGET! You can spray most days without concern about off target application. Imagine the freedom! Schedule jobs and actually be there when you hoped you would. Some operators have almost doubled their acres per machine. Wind won't hold you up. You are ON TIME. Ag Shield builds tough products to keep you running. You' ll be there EVERY TIME.

  • Ground Following System (GFS)

    Ground Following System (GFS)

    Ag Shield is supplying a proven hydro-mechanical Ground Following System (GFS) that keeps the boom at the right height with a light wheel that just feels the ground, and adjusts the boom height automatically. This reasonably priced system has no long wiring harness to get damaged by field obstacles. There are no boom mounted mechanical or electrical switches or sensors to cause problems. It's just a simple, reliable system that goes to the field and...

  • AG Shield - Land Roller

    AG Shield - Land Roller

    A low cost way to push, level and firm smaller areas economically. Sizes from 11.5-20'; Transports 1 foot wider than working width.