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  • Aquacultur - Pond

  • Automatic Egg Selector

    Automatic Egg Selector

    This machine selects trout and salmon eggs using a very accurate optical system. They are then divided by means of an electro-pneumatic device.

  • Feed Dispenser

  • Dry Feed Dispenser - Pendulum

    Dry Feed Dispenser - Pendulum

    Case cast in one piece, absolutely waterproof, UV-proof. The dispenser is simply slipped onto a horizonal pole. There is no need to attach additional mounts such as angles or brackets. The lid locks securely into place and can be secured with a chain to the support-pipe. Adjustment mechanism on the inside of the container. Every container can be equipped with different adapters (pendulum, shaker or spreader). They are simply slipped...

  • Fish Pumps

  • Fish Pumps

    Fish Pumps

    The basic principle of operation of this pump is the use of two vacuum tanks that fill and empty reciprocally and thus create a continuous flow of fish with an hourly capacity of 4 – 12 tons. This capacity is dependent on two factors: the size and weight of the fish and the fish density, i.e. the number of fish sucked into the funnel. The pump is also available as a single tank model which features half the transport...

  • Live Stock Transportation

  • Life Fish Transporttank

    Life Fish Transporttank

    Highest quality at a sensational price: Polyethylene container moulded in one piece. Lid in aluminum with shoot bolt locking. For the sportive angler, fish breeder, restaurateur and trader.

  • Hatchery Equipment

  • AGK - Hatching Tray without Inserts

    AGK - Hatching Tray without Inserts

    Height: 17 cm, Width: 40 cm, Length: 215 cm, Colour: green.  Hatching tray made of fibreglass for 4 inserts. Capacity approximately 50,000 trout eggs. For hatching tray 360 cm is the Art.No. 7002.

  • Fish processing - Smokeoven Technology

  • AGK - Smoker - Smoke Generator

    AGK - Smoker - Smoke Generator

    Electrical smoke generator made of 100% stainless steel. Best suited for large scale curing cabinets. Technical Data / Order-Nr. 3 000 000 853. 220 V, 1000W. Technical Data / Order-Nr. RE 598: dimensions: BxDxH 700x400x500 mm with connecion pipe 200W.