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  • Hatchery Equipment

  • AGK - Hatching Tray without Inserts

    AGK - Hatching Tray without Inserts

    Height: 17 cm, Width: 40 cm, Length: 215 cm, Colour: green.  Hatching tray made of fibreglass for 4 inserts. Capacity approximately 50,000 trout eggs. For hatching tray 360 cm is the Art.No. 7002.

  • AGK - Incubation Cabinet

    AGK - Incubation Cabinet

    Ready to use unit. Without base or wall brackets. (may also be connected to a central temperature control unit in any number). Trout farming is changing crucially from extensive pond cultivation towards highly intensive ways of fish farming. In trout farming and aquaculture, developments are therefore leading to modern, highly reliable hatching devices.

  • Fish processing - Smokeoven Technology

  • AGK - Smoker - Smoke Generator

    AGK - Smoker - Smoke Generator

    Electrical smoke generator made of 100% stainless steel. Best suited for large scale curing cabinets. Technical Data / Order-Nr. 3 000 000 853. 220 V, 1000W. Technical Data / Order-Nr. RE 598: dimensions: BxDxH 700x400x500 mm with connecion pipe 200W.