AgriCompact Technologies GmbH

AgriCompact Technologies GmbH

Our company AgriCompact Technologies GmbH is the result of two passions: technology and respect of the environment. Our family has been working in the field of hay drying since the 70`s. Our drying techniques start from a clear and precise concept which, when combined with your well-tended crop, will achieve an excellent final hay product. In this sense we believe that the nutrition of your livestock is essential for food production (e.g. for producing an excellent cheese like the `Parmigiano Reggiano` - the `King` of Italian cheeses). Supplying superior quality forage to dairy cows, goats, sheep and horses which contains the best organoleptic characteristics (vitamines, proteins), will provide the best conditions to preserve health, efficiency, welfare and productivity of livestock.

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Mainzer Str. 89 , Bingen am Rhein , 55411 Germany
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 From the beginning our family has always believed in the concept that we can reach a high quality standard using the most natural, non-aggressive techniques, e.g. avoiding the excessive use of heat from mineral fuels and fossils. To simplify our concept, our challenge is to provide the market with advanced technologies to ensure that our customers have the best possible outcome: make the best hay possible with a cost as low as possible. This is a business philosophy which avoids the 'everything! - at once!'. Hence our credo: 'Wir leben Natur!' ('We live nature!')

For these reasons we invite our interested customers to visit our plants after having contacted us on the phone or by mail. We want you to experience personally the quality of the hay dried with our COMPACT Hay Dryers before you make any business decisions. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.