Agricon GmbH

Agricon GmbH

agricon is a leading provider of solutions for digital plant cultivation in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1997 we have been helping farmers use their machines, operating resources and work time more efficiently. As a result of this, the quality of plant cultivation decisions improves considerably. Our experienced agricultural engineers and service technicians introduce digital plant cultivation technologies into agriculture and consult and provide support for enterprises in the implementation of modern plant cultivation strategies. Addinionally, we develop established procedures together with practitioners further and explore new solution concepts.

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Im Wiesengrund 4 , Ostrau , OT Jahna 04749 Germany
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


Market launch of the job computer agriBOX for digital plant cultivation on machines and equipment of any kind

complete integration of agriBOX into the ISOBUS world of Müller electronics

Start of sales in the Ukraine

strategic partnership with Kverneland for further development of digital plant cultivation methods


Enterprises in Germany and Europe manage over 1 million hectar in agriPORT


Market launch of sensor-supported fungicide application

Market launch of P3-sensor family for site-specific plant protection

Extensive use of the first soil sampler on the go

Start of an accompanying market tests serie of site-specific fungicide application together with farmers and industrial partners in Europe


Start of sales in Hungary, Romania and Serbia

Market launch of the web-based data portal agriPORT

Market launch of the sensor-based autumn evaluation in crops


Market launch of a YARA N-sensor II into the practice

Market launch of the first agronomic ISOBUS device terminal

Market launch of sensor-supported autumn evaluation for rape


Completion of the international precision farming competence center in the company's central offices in Saxony


Start of sales in the Baltic states

Delivery of the 500-th YARA N-Sensor


Start of sales in Poland


Putting YARA N-sensor ALS into practice

Market launch of sensor-supported growth regulator application

Agritechnica:silver medal for Precision Farming Software 'PF-Box'


First attempts to apply growth regulator on the basis of sensor support


Start of sales of YARA N-sensor


First attempts to apply the YARA N-sensor


Foundation of the company

Tomorrow in your mind
In its report 'Towards 2015/2030' the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations found out: In 2030 the rate of hungry people will be 40 percent higher than in 1995. In same time crop production will be raised about the half, but farm land only at 7 percent.

To input more ressources in crop production will not help to close the gap. A more intensive production will raise the danger of lodging and illness and isn't compatible to the huge ecological awareness in Central Europe.

Precision Farming is the solution for this challenge.

What means Precision Farming?
Today Precision Farming is one of the most important agent of productivity in agriculture. Farmers consider the differences of soil and the variable gain ability inside a field.

Advantages of precision farming

  • The input of ressources will be more efficient.
  • The mass of fertiliser bases on the actual need of plants. In 'good' supplied subareas farmers save fertiliser, in 'less good' supplied subareas they raise their harvest.
  • Agriculture becomes more ecological, without cut back in harvest and protein or oil content.
  • Because of documentation of plant production agriculture will be more consumer-friendly.

Content of precision farming
Precision Farming means: agricultural production will be connected with using of modern technologies, e.g. GPS technology, GIS technology and sensors.

Precision Farming includes many different points:

  • precision agriculture (basic fertilisation, N-fertilisation, tillage, seed, growth regulator, herbicide, fungicide)
  • mechanical field work (manual and automatic guidance systems, controlling of machines, optimisation of routing traces)
  • documentation and control (planar measurements, crop mapping, controlling of worktime and machines' data, local data management, field record system)

In all subareas Agri Con feel at home.