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To improve the productivity and sustainability of the twenty-first-century farmer, Agrinos is helping shape the future of modern agriculture. The world needs innovative and sustainable solutions to increase agricultural output while reducing input in order to meet the needs of our growing global population. Agrinos’ global research, development and agronomy team is putting our innovative products at the forefront of microbial and biological crop input innovation.

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279 Cousteau Place, Suite 100 , Davis , CA 95618 USA

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Our proprietary products developed through our High Yield Technology (HYT) platform have pioneered the quickly growing crop biologicals sector of our industry and have been proven to drive yield and quality improvements. The Agrinos global team of scientists and agronomists is conducting cutting-edge research to harness the power of our highly diversified microbial communities to deliver innovative products to improve the health of the soil microbiome. Healthy soil is the critical foundation required for crops to reach their full potential and, ultimately, to bring prosperity to the grower.

Sustainability matters. It’s important to growers, retailers, consumers and other key stakeholders throughout the food and agriculture value chain from farm to fork. At Agrinos, our commitment to sustainability drives us to harness new technologies that power naturally derived microorganisms and biological nutrient compounds. We develop crop inputs that deliver tangible environmental benefits as well as meaningful financial returns to our customers. Our products can enhance crop health and quality, and empower growers to improve soil health, water quality, nutrient efficiency and overall land stewardship. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in sustainability, and society expects organizations like Agrinos to do their part. Count on Agrinos to lead the way.

Agrinos is a member of The Sustainability Consortium, Cool Farm Alliance, Biostimulant Coalition, European Biostimulants Industry Council and Biopesticide Industry Alliance.