Agro-100 is an agrobusiness specializing in research, manufacturing, and marketing of high technology agricultural products that capitalizes on the recovery of residual fertilizing matter. Act now. Environmental sustainability means finding innovative ways and using products that reduce our carbon footprint in order to preserve and provide future generations with a fertile and healthy environment, rich in diversity. Agro-100 recycles and reuses residual fertilizing matter (RFM) in an advantageous way for agricultural use. Thanks to their beneficial soil and crop fertilizing properties, RFMs aid in developing and implementing sustainable solutions for both the environment and the agricultural industry. Backed by soil analyses, the Agro-100 service team will determine your soil input needs and recommend soil management strategies geared to improving and increasing the global yield output of your operation.

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206, Baby street, suite 204 , Joliette , Quebec J6E 2V5 Canada
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Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)
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Founded in 1990, Agro-100 provides innovative agronomical solutions to high performance/high yield agricultural operations.

A natural synergy blossoms between the Dynamic Management of the Soil and our innovative products. KaLime®, CalPoMag®, proKa® and our liquid agrofoliars have revolutionized the practice of enriching and fertilizing the soil, preparing it to yield crops that are rich in quantity as well as in quality. With its Dynamic Management of the Soil approach, Agro-100 is dedicated to improving the profitability and efficiency of your agricultural operation while taking care of the environment that nurtures our agricultural way of life