Agro Vision Biotech Consultants

Agro Vision Biotech Consultants

Agro Vision Biotech Consultants

We are pleased to introduce AGRO VISION BIOTECH as a firm engaged in the business of designing and development of High tech Nurseries, Green Houses, Poly Houses, Mist Chambers, Shade Net Houses in India on substantial scale. The brainchild of Mr. Avinash Dubey, Agro Vision Biotech Consultants is dedicated to implementing the best practices in agriculture technology to enhance agricultural output, improve social conditions, and reduce the burden on our strained eco-system

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D-70, Shiv Heera Path, Chomu House, C-Scheme , Jaipur , Rajasthan 302001 India
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Nationally (across the country)

We are experienced in the field of Fabrication & Erection of Green Houses, Mist Chambers, Shade Net Houses and Poly Houses. We have developed the technology related to the above mentioned concepts in house which are most suited to Indian climatic and physical conditions..

Our team consists of experts in Horticulture, Irrigation and Green House. We have excellent fabrication and erection facilities .
Our main areas of specialization in the fields of :
  • Development of High Tech Nursery and Micro Propagation Units.
  • Survey, Design, Development, Fabrication, Erection and Maintenance of Green Houses, Poly Houses, Shade Net Houses & Mist Chambers.
With expertise in such sectors as mentioned, and the quality of work and services we provide, we are quite sure that we shall come up to the expectations of all our clients.
Products & Benefit
  • Protection of plants from wind, precipitation, excess solar radiation and temperature extremes, etc.
  • Off-season nursery can be raised.
  • Crops can be grown throughout the year.
  • Crops are of very good quality and give good yield.
  • Water requirement is very less.
  • Pests and diseases can be controlled easily.
  • Labour requirement is less.
Multispan Greenhouse
  • A multispan greenhouse is used to provide a suitable environment to plants
  • It is very economical to run and maintain. It is reasonably priced and easily affordable by most farmers.
  • The height of the green house and the ventilators provided on top of the greenhouse help to maintain temperature and humidity.
  • Plants that are commonly grown in these greenhouses are carnation, gerbera, rose, coloured capsicum, cucumber, cherry tomato, and so on.
Greenhouse With Fan and Pad
  • A fan-and-pad based greenhouse is provide a controlled growing environment for growing speciality crops and plants.
  • Special-purpose fans to draw air into the greenhouse through high-efficiency cooling pads made from high surface area ribbons of cellulose fibre.
  • Humidity is controlled by an elaborate system of foggers. Fertigation is implemented by an efficient drip-irrigation system.
  • The temperature and humidity can be controlled to provide the exact growing environment required for plants that grow in temperate regions.
  • This type of greenhouse is ideal for growing nursery plants. Plants grown for nursery propagation have to be provided with a very specific environment.
  • Nursery plants are very valuable and need extreme care during the early stages of
Agronet House
  • Shade houses are structures used for sheltering plants that are tender to high intensity of sun heat .
  • Such structures also help in warding off birds and rodents that devour seed and germinating embryos.
  • Protect the seedlings from desiccating winds.
  • Very useful for germinating small seeds and placing pricked material which needs partial watering & may be fitted with micro sprinklers for fast & uniform irrigation of plants.
  • The shade house serves a variety of other useful purposes and a host of operations are performed under its roof like seed sowing, pricking, hardening of rooted cuttings, etc. Shade houses also help in reducing frequency of irrigation and effect economy in water use.
  • Shade houses should be well ventilated, their doors and windows be kept open during working hours so that air moves freely.
Seedling Tray
  • 100 % Germination of Seedling.
  • Maximum root Stock.
  • Crops are Strong, sturdy & Healthy.
  • Handling of crops is easy. Root is not disturbed.
  • More than 50% saving in use of Water and Fertilizers
  • More Productivity in less space
  • Easy for handling and transporting of crops.
  • Saves time and money.
Growing Media
  • Wholesale Seedling Nursery growers produce seedlings with stronger and more fibrous roots when they use coco peat (Coir) Coco peat is used as a very good growing medium in seedling nurseries because of its
  • High air filled porosity (honey comb structure of the fibre )
  • High water holding capacity
  • This combination results in very high seed germination rates.
  • Coco peat (Coir) is used as growing medium the vegetable growers (tomato, egg plant, pepper, cucumber), cut flower growers (rose, chrysanthemum and carnation etc) and in orchards (strawberry and melons) to get more and high quality yield.
  • Coco peat(Coir) has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. Therefore , comparatively less fertilizers are required.
  • It encourages strong and profuse root development.
  • The germination rate is higher when we use cocopeat rather than tradition peat moss. 50% - 70% of cocopeat(Coir) can be included in the seedling mix to improve aeration and water holding capacity along with suitable liquid nutrients. It is advised to check the pH and EC of the mix prior to use.
Coco Peat Bricks
  • Coco peat bricks are used for crop cultivation in greenhouses and open fields.
  • Coco peat bricks are used to improve the output of crop cultivation.
  • Coco peat bricks helps to improve the water holding capacity.
  • Coco peat bricks are used to check the pH and EC of the mix prior to use.
  • Agro Vision Biotech Consultants takes up turnkey projects for the establishment of high tech greenhouses.
  • Agro Vision Biotech Consultants takes up turnkey projects for the establishment of test quality nurseries.
  • Agro Vision Biotech Consultants provides soil and water testing facilities.
  • We provide assistance in project development and management from Project Feasibility Reports to Project Monitoring Schedules.
  • We provide sophisticated crop consultancy services such as crop selection and crop irrigation schedules.