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AGROFER is a company specialized in the construction of Agricultural Machinery with Innovative technologies in viticulture and fruit cultivation. Agrofer today deals with the design and construction of inter-row machines, manure and kompost spreaders, bin trailers for collecting fruit, traillers with stainless steel containers for the transport of the grapes and special and specialized trailers, making its point of strength the quality and reliability of its products. Special mention should be made of the Agrofer plant baring and ridging machine universal with driving disks, which, in 1984, wae the very first plant baring machine world-wide with mechanical transmission of the disk assembly. The international twenty-year patent on this machine, of which Agrofer was the patentee, has given the company the world-wide leadership in this constructive particularity for years.

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Via dell`Artigianato - Loc. Ponte Cantone , Pozzolengo (BS) , 25010 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)
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The company Agrofer was born in the first 80s thanks to its founder mr. Zenegaglia Severino. Over the years it has developed into a significant industrial reality specialized in the field of orchard and vineyards, not forgetting special achievements in the sector.

Since its beginnings, it has improved thanks to the experience and the commitment of its founder, and thanks to the expertise and innovations of his son and daughter along with new tecnologies  and quality of raw material used.

From the beginning, the attention to what today is referred to as quality system was present in designs and realizations by Agrofer, though not codified and rudimentary. In fact, systems for verification and correction were already set up and broadcast by Severino to his son and daughter and employees.

The company is placed on an area of about 1000 square meters, is equipped with modern equipment, highly qualified staff and the clientele is selected in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.