AgroLogic Ltd.

AgroLogic Ltd.

AgroLogic LTD was founded in 1988 and leads in the design and development of electronic control units for the poultry and pig raising. AgroLogic`s comprehensive product line and advanced controllers currently serve thousands of farming facilities worldwide. Our vast knowledge helps the grower regulate every aspect of production with greater ease. AgroLogic is known for its reliability, dependability and user-friendly interface. AgroLogic has its own development department and in-house production to fulfill all our clients` needs.

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PO Box 8898 , Poleg , Netanya 42505 Israel
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With a proven track record of over 25 years, AgroLogic is a globally recognized leader and innovator in the field of animal husbandry control and automation. Our comprehensive product line and advanced controllers currently serve tens of thousands of farming facilities worldwide in regulating every aspect of production with greater ease. AgroLogic is known for its reliability, dependability and ease-of-use. With in-house R&D and manufacturing, we develop durable, long-lasting products that are fit-to-order and designed to save time, money and worry.

The Smart, Friendly & Affordable Choice
Whether you’re growing poultry or livestock, our wide array of products deliver higher yields, lower costs and peace-of-mind.


Climate control

Our modern climate control computers have been developed for the modern poultry and pig houses and include static pressure control, automatic temperature curves and a minimum ventilation curve.

Bird weighing

Our live bird weighing system supplies the grower with the average weight, uniformity and standard deviation, using up to 8 weighing plates for one controller.

Feed weighing

We have a complete line of dual silo weighing for feed consumption and where needed restricted feeding. Batch weighing for restrictive feeding.

Layer house control and egg counting

Complite climate control for layer houses operation of feeders, egg collectors and lighting programs according to multi stage internal timers are all included in one user friendly control unit. Our egg counting units can be installed either on each row or on a central egg conveyer conected to the controller.


CTB, Inc. ( is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems and solutions for preserving grain; producing poultry, pigs and eggs; processing poultry; and for various equestrian and industrial applications.

At AgroLogic, we realize that every client has unique needs that have to be accommodated. You may initially require a controller with limited functionality, yet one that can conveniently adapt as your business grows. With in-house product design and manufacturing, AgroLogic is geared to meet your special needs – delivering reliable, affordable, tailor-made products that are second to none.