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  • AGROMAT - Automatic Grass Production System

    AGROMAT - Automatic Grass Production System

    This automatic grass production guarantees a steady supply of ONE TON PER DAY of fresh, highly nutritive green fodder, independent of weather conditions. The containerized unit occupies 36 m², and replaces the capacity of 10 hectares of grazing land. The AGROMAT unit was the first scientifical and technological equipment developed and sold by AGROTECH BELGIUM, that became hereby world-famous. AGROMAT was a giant leap in the field of applied...

  • Fresh Fodder Factory

    Fresh Fodder Factory

    Such a fresh cereal fodder production plant is also based on the GERM technology, and is characterized by an output capacity that may amount MANY TENS OR HUNDREDS OF TONS PER DAY to answer the needs of an industrial farm, a community of farmers or a whole agricultural region. It consists in a building that is adequately aranged, insulated and conditioned, in which the technological equipments have been installed. This solution allows a cut down of the...