AgSynergy is an ag producer owned company specializing in the design and production of precision placement, minimal disturbance, no till fertlilizer applicators. AgSynergy`s patented Genesis TRX row unit can apply anhydrous ammonia and/or liquid fertilizer in the heaviest residue, no till environment with little to no visible soil or residue disturbance. It does all this while sealing as well as any other applicator on the market.

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1183 120th Road , Seneca , Kansas 66538 USA

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 2004, Ryan Hammes, with Hammes Family Farms and Hammes Seed Incorporated, began using toolbars with coulter applied anhydrous ammonia. By 2006, he began working with customers on solutions for precision application of anhydrous ammonia and other crop nutrients. Ryan soon decided that he, and other agricultural producers, needed a complete turnkey solution for precision nutrient application. He began working with other suppliers and companies in order to design and assemble the toolbar that would provide these solutions.

In 2009, Ryan approached Jim Renyer and Andy Renyer, with USC, LLC, about forming a company to produce a true turnkey toolbar for precision dual nutrient application. The three began exploring toolbar designs and the latest in technology for precision nutrient application. The first prototype for a TR40A was assembled and field tested in the fall of 2009, with continued field testing and refinement going into the spring of 2010. The prototype successfully applied both anhydrous ammonia and dry fertilizer.

This successful partnership led to the formation of AgSynergy in March, 2010. Soon after, a customer in northeast Kansas took delivery of our first production unit TR40A in April of 2010. Our first production unit MT30A soon followed, with delivery to a customer in May 2010.

Since that time, there has been a great deal of innovation and growth at AgSynergy. We have manufactured and delivered multiple toolbars for side dressing and pre-plant precision nutrient application. Our owners and management continue to rapidly explore, design and manufacture new and better solutions for agricultural producers, by agricultural producers. We continue to partner with suppliers who provide the latest technology in precision nutrient application. We do all this guided by our values of Family, Integrity, Safety and Commitment to Serve.

In the summer of 2011, AgSynergy introduced Genesis TRX. Genesis TRX is a precision, high speed, single disk opener for the placement of nutrients into the soil. Genesis TRX provides superior sealing of ammonia at both high and low speeds with the least amount of soil disturbance. In addition to Genesis TRX, we have also introduced our new SM model toolbars and our re-designed TR model toolbars.

Our Vision

  • AgSynergy will be the partner of choice in providing precision no-till nutrient application solutions for agricultural producers across North America.

Our Mission

  • AgSynergy’s mission is to be recognized as an innovative leader and major supplier in precision no-till nutrient application. Through our focus on safety, quality, durability and innovation, we offer solutions and products developed, designed and manufactured by agricultural producers for agricultural producers.

Our Values

  • Family – We exist to serve and provide for our families. We maintain a healthy balance in the time we invest in our business and the time we invest in our families.
  • Integrity - Our word is our bond. We operate with the highest degree of trust at all levels, within and outside the organization.
    Safety – We never compromise the safety of ourselves and our employees. Safety guides us through everything we say and do. We do not accept injuries as a part of doing business and believe zero injuries is achievable.
    Commitment to Serve - We commit ourselves to serve each other, our employees, our customers, our community, and our families.