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AKVA group is a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide. AKVA group is present in all markets with offices in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Iceland, Canada, Australia and Turkey. AKVA group is a unique partner with the capability to offer both cage farming and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions and service. The company holds strong, well-known brand names and the product line range from feed barges, steel & plastic cages, feed systems, nets, net cleaning, underwater lights, feed cameras, environmental sensors, production and process control software, workboats, recirculation systems to PE piping etc.

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Nordlysveien 4, PO. Box 271 , Bryne , Norway 4340 Norway

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)

AKVA group is a technology and service partner to the global aquaculture industry. As a partner our mission is to be a profitable supplier of solutions and services in order to improve our customers’ profitability and sustainability.

We aim to be recognized by our Customer focus, Aquaculture knowledge, Reliability and Enthusiasm.

During more than 30 years as innovator and provider of technology and services to the global aquaculture industry, we in AKVA group have learned what really matters to our customers as well as to ourselves. PARTNERSHIP. Good partnerships - enabling us to contribute solutions and services that make our customers successful in developing and operating sustainable and profitable aquaculture operations. Good Partnerships, where our contribution to solutions and services earn us the opportunity to develop AKVA group as a sustainable and profitable company. We will continue to build AKVA group with this as our mission.

We will be focused on our customers’ needs, being attentive and responsive. We will develop and use our knowledge to contribute solutions and services that lift our customers’ performance. We will take pride in being reliable and honest in what we do and how we act, and we will use our enthusiasm to generate the energy and joy needed to bring our customers as well as AKVA group forward.

In AKVA group we strongly believe that we can make a difference. We are proud to be part of the global Aquaculture industry which is playing a crucial role providing healthy seafood to the world.

AKVA group is the world’s leading supplier of both plastic and steel cages. Polarcirkel, the most recognized brand in aquaculture, invented the plastic cage concept in Norway in 1974, and has since supplied more than 40,000 cages worldwide.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality, competitive pricing and on-time deliveries, the cages and components are manufactured in many different regions. All cages are installed by professional installation teams, and serviced by professional AKVA group service  technicians. AKVA group invests heavily in innovative and professional R&D in order to remain the leading supplier of cages; not only to improve products in the short term, but also to look into the future of tomorrow’s demands for cage technology. The Polarcirkel cage include smart solutions fo fully integrated walkways, sinker tube systems, safety floatation and system redundancies.

All-Plastic-Cages: A well proven concept in flexible cage design for extreme conditions...

Experience is a crucial success factor in the fish farming business. AKVA group (Polarcirkel) invented the plastic cage in 1974, and has since supplied more than 40.000 Polarcirkel Cages and 1.000 Polarcirkel Boats. The cages are made from raw materials especially suited for the dynamic loads of the sea, and are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. Many have tried to copy these products, but none have managed to match the genuine Polarcirkel designs and quality builds. Plastic cages started out as small single pipe circles, but now our largest models approach 200m circumference, and with floating pipes of 500mm diameter. Both circular and square cage systems are available. Combined with AKVA group´s global sales and service network, the Polarcirkel Cage is well proven and recognized worldwide.

Safe Polarcirkel walkways

In order to increase crew safety on fish farms, another Polarcirkel innovation was launched in 1999; the integrated Polarcirkel Walkways. The anti-skid walkway panels fit securely between the two floating pipes, forming a stable and safe working surface. The PE pressure moulded panels are held in place with strong and flexible continuous PE tubing inter-locking the panels to the PIM brackets.