Aldata Software specializes in developing raw material supply chain management software. We develop, implement, and support highly configurable, innovative, forestry management software and hardware solutions. Our product lines can be integrated with one another as a full enterprise suite, or function as stand-alone programs capable of integrating with accounting and other management systems. At the high end of the supply chain is the Boss Line with Yard Boss, a woodland accounting, commodity management and inventory management system. Moving along, Scale Boss is our scale management program. ALDATA’s TAGASIS Line takes the supply chain out of the office and into the woods, with Gate Pass functioning as a vendor management tool generating convenient supplier gate pass’. Custody Manager, proves chain of custody from the field, tagging load slips with the GPS stamp of the load.

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203-211 Pembina Avenue , Hinton , Alberta T7V 1G6 Canada

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)

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ALDATA Software is no stranger to the forest industry or to information technology. In 1991, the company president, Mike Meagher, was a major logging contractor who had yet to find an effective software to track key operating data for his logging operations. ALDATA’s first software release was the Log Harvester for logging operations. Over the last two decades, the company has developed a full suite of raw material supply chain management software to help fiber industries manage their fiber supply.

Headquartered in Canada, ALDATA employs a team of dedicated professionals from remote offices on both ends of the country. Allowing our people to work remotely means we don’t have to lose valuable knowledge when an employee’s family or other commitments prompt a move. We’ve perfected the art of using remote technologies to connect with each other and with our clients across North America and Australia.

If your raw material supply chain includes virgin timber, residual fiber, recycled stock or biomass, ALDATA’s Boss Line suite of fiber supply management software can help you streamline your fiber procurement process. Pulp mills, paper mills, sawmills, wood yards, timber managers, biomass/biofuel and pellet facilities across North America and Australia are using ALDATA’s fiber management software to process raw material transactions quickly and accurately, so their data is available in near real-time to support their management decisions.

With ALDATA’s systems, you get the best of both worlds – an off-the-shelf, fully-supported system developed originally to meet the specific needs of the forest industry that’s so configurable that it can be set up to match your business rules. New business requirements crop up every day in the fiber industries we serve and we’re always evolving, so if there’s still that “one thing” you do that we don’t, we’ll work with you to customize the system so it fits.

The complete Boss Line includes Yard Boss for fiber supply contract management, payments and inventory, Scale Boss for unattended weigh scales and the web-based Gate Pass software for barcoded trip tickets. You can start with just the one software package you really need to solve a specific problem in your raw material supply chain and expand with the rest of the Boss Line suite at any time. Every piece of the ALDATA system works seamlessly with the rest, and we can integrate our software with your existing ERP, accounting, land management or other legacy systems as required.

Technology that Makes Business Sense
ALDATA helps customers in fiber industries around the world meet their business targets. Who we are, what we do and how we do it are all key factors in delivering a return on investment to our clients.

Who We Are
A dedicated team of technology partners with an in-depth understanding of fiber supply chain issues, technical expertise and a commitment to service excellence

What We Do
Conceive and deliver solutions that improve the ease and accuracy of raw data capture, share key business data across the operation in real-time and drive performance improvements

How we Do It
Exceed our clients’ expectations with high-quality solutions delivered on-time and on-budget and followed up with superior technical support to help them get the most out of their ALDATA system.

Our Values

  • We do what is just and fair even when it isn't convenient.
  • We embrace every challenge with dedication and good humor.
  • We are ethical, accountable, respectful, and dedicated to continual improvement and excellence.

Our Vision

  • To be the fiber industries' leading technology partner for raw material supply chain management systems.