Algasol Renewables

Algasol Renewables

Algasol Renewables

Algasol Renewables has naturally transitioned from a technology company, owning the most coveted patent and cost efficient (CAPEX, OPEX and productivity) on algae growth systems towards becoming one of the largest algal biomass manufacturers through its daughter companies, Algasol Bangladesh Ltd and Algae Biomass Bangladesh Ltd. Algasol’s unique world-wide patent for low cost production (CAPEX and OPEX) of algae biomass in a closed environment with high productivity, is a flexible, modular PhotoBioReactor (PBR) floating on water that can be deployed on land, ponds, or the ocean. A world wide patent in all relevant countries covers all key aspects of the technology.

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Po Box 1 , Esporles , E-07190 Spain
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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

Microalgae feedstocks are the most promising for High Value Products (HVP) and next generation biofuels. Why algae »

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As testimony to its success, Algasol Renewables was awarded the 2010 Global Algae Biofuels Green Excellence in Technology Innovation of the Year Award from the international consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. See press release »

Algasol is a firm believer that no single company will be able to deliver an end-to-end solution for cost competitive production of micro algae biomass. Rather, this will be a collective effort amongst different industry participants. Algasol has brought together companies and know-how in the algae value chain to achieve end applications such as high value products (HVP), i.e. omega-3, protein, astaxanthin, waste water treatment etc.  Why algae »

The activities of Algasol were initially focused on receiving the patents on its unique growth system, PhotoBioReactor (PBR’s), for low-cost algae biomass production. This major phase has been achieved, patents now having been granted in the majority of relevant countries.

Though Algasol Renewables has achieved much in the short years since its inception the potential size of the different markets and worldwide span of its patent, there is a clear need to pursue an active partnership strategy. More about strategy »