Algepower Inc.

Algepower Inc.

Algepower Inc.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Montpelier, Vermont, Algepower is a producer of sustainable, renewable algoil and algae by-products. Our patented Algeponics system works year-round in cost effective and enclosed photobioreactor facilities. Algeponics systems are scalable, efficient and adaptable for all-weather use almost anywhere on earth. The Algeponics system is a controlled environment for growing microalgae in the nutrient rich wastewater from anaerobic digesters. With its patented technology, Algepower Inc. provides solutions to the challenges of waste remediation and cost-effective renewable energy production.

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14 Cummings Street , Montpelier , VT 05602 USA
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Waste to Energy
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Nationally (across the country)
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Introducing Algepower Inc and our patented all-season anywhere Algeponics farm.

Algoil can be used instead of plant seed oils as a bioenergy feedstock, providing Algepower’s customers with abundant and affordable “bio-crude” oil, leading to significant reductions in demand for fossil fuels. Uses for algae by-products include high protein animal and fish feed, fertilizers, bio-based chemicals, ethanol and cosmetics. In addition, the Algeponics technology has a positive environmental impact and integrates well with pre-existing fuel, feed and agricultural infrastructure.

Organic waste to renewable energy
Converting organic waste into renewable energy helps to reduce landfill and a dependency on fossil fuels. Algepower‘s patented ’closed loop’ Algeponics system utilizes waste from an established technology called Anaerobic Digestion, which uses bacteria in a sealed chamber to break down organic waste to produce a methane rich biogas for electric generation and a nutrient rich effluent. This relationship creates a combined renewable energy-producing solution with a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.

Algeponics uses captured exhaust from power plants and other industrial sites to promote algae's growth cycle, helping to remove green house gas in from the atmosphere.

North American Sources of CO2

Many wastewater treatment facilities across the country use anaerobic digesters to reduce the volume of biosolids before they are taken off site. The anaerobic digesters produce biogas which is used on-site as an energy source. The energy capturing infrastructure is already in place at many facilities and most of them are located in communities they serve. In the past few years, there has been a movement to start adding food waste to these anaerobic digesters. When facilities start digesting food waste, the increased energy production allows them to offset the amount of energy they are using and sell excess energy back to the grid.

Algeponics farms located on or near waste treatment plants will utilize digester effluent to grow algae as feed-stock for local biofuel production and distribution.