The AlgoSource group, a recognized world expert in microalgae, offers an end-to-end range of services, from production engineering through to value creation and the industrial development of microalgae. Its unique expertise encompasses all the processes involved in producing and transforming microalgae and guarantees the group’s industrial customers a global insight.

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37, Boulevard de l’Université , SAINT-NAZAIRE , Pays de la Loire 44600 France
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AlgoSource develops four key areas for its industrial clients and for its consumers :

  • Microalgae production within controlled systems (photobioreactors also known as PBR)
  • Biorefinery engineering (tailored molecule extracts)
  • Creation and sale of range of natural products (check out our online shop)
  • Conception of integrated culture systems (PBR design from 1 liter to several m3)

AlgoSource Technologies: B2B – Industrial customers

AlgoSource actively develops four core activities for its international customers:

  • Microalgae production for creating a competitive advantage.
  • Bio-refinery engineering.
  • Integrated systems design.
  • Effluent recovery (CO2, nitrogen, phosphorus, waste heat, etc.).

AlgoSource Equipment

AlgoSource engineers a range of controlled production systems, called photobioreactors, available on both a laboratory and industrial scale.

Across the entire value chain…

AlgoSource is involved at each stage of the microalgae cycle: from selection and production (from a laboratory to an industrial scale), and creating value from algae (algae refining) through to the manufacture of finished goods.

Microalgae cultivation is central to the value creation process.

Bespoke production systems are needed for the photosynthetic development of microalgae. These systems need to be fine-tuned to suit the required application, the industrial operating conditions, the strain requiring cultivation, and so on.

AlgoSource Products has an extensive track record in producing microalgae and cyanobacteria on an industrial scale (especially at its Alpha Biotech production site created in 1993).

Expertise in microalgae cultivation

The Group spearheads continuous research and development into microalgae cultivation through its AlgoSource Technologies branch, whether through its involvement in specific national or international programmes, or in partnership with the GEPEA Laboratory at the University of Nantes (CNRS joint research unit), which over the last 30 or so years has carved itself a reputation as an expert in the bioprocess engineering of microalgae.

The major criteria that influence how the production system is engineered include the target market and application, the operating environment and biological needs, all of which as part of an industrial ecology strategy that factors in the potential effluent types that can be jointly recovered (CO2, heat, nitrates, phosphates, etc.).

Sale of controlled production equipment

We also offer a range of professional controlled production tools (from a few litres to several cubic metres).

Ever since AlgoSource was founded, we have been actively involved in a number of projects on a regional, national and European level as well as overseas (Latin America and Asia) as part of our constant determination to develop and transfer our end-to-end microalgae expertise within benefit-sharing collaborative arrangements.

Examples of our national and international projects:

  • SYMBIO2 project: Urban algaculture in the form of bio-façades (photobioreactors) to improve thermal insulation and effluent management in buildings (water, CO2, heat, etc.): the urban ecology concept of tomorrow’s world.

Objective: Transform urban algaculture into a natural insulator for reducing the environmental footprint of buildings.
Consortium partners
: AlgoSource Technologies / X-TU Architects (creators) / Séché Environnement / Viry / GEPEA Laboratory / OASIIS / R.F.R / Kalitec
Keywords: photobioreactor, bio-façade, algaculture

  • Valorial-endorsed UNI-VERT programme: Social and community-oriented project delivering support to food aid and social inclusion initiatives (Panier de la Mer).

Objective: Cultivate spirulina (microalgae) for food aid initiatives by creating jobs.
Partners: Panier de la Mer, Adria, Brit’Inov cluster
Keywords: food aid, spirulina, jobs

  • CIMENTALG project: Development and installation of solar photobioreactors for using microalgae to fix the CO2 generated by cement production (Gargenville cement works). The CIMENTALG 2 project has just been endorsed by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique hi-tech cluster, and a demonstrator model will be produced with the sector’s leading manufacturers.

Objective: Use and recover the carbon dioxide emitted by a cement plant to feed the microalgae cultivated on site.
Partners: AlgoSource Technologies / Ciments Calcia / GEPEA / GeM-IEG / University of Nantes
Keywords: photobioreactor, algaculture, CO2

  • AlgoSource proprietary project: Development and installation of raceways (algaculture ponds) for the aquaculture sector in a bid to modernise the industry through the use of nutrition that protects both the environment and consumer health.

Objective: Develop the microalgae industry to create jobs and produce natural products while protecting the environment.
Keywords: jobs, environment, health, natural

  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical project: Development of a high value-added molecule production process for the cosmetics industry (microalgae-based) to replace the molecules generated by the petrochemicals and synthetic chemistry sectors.

Objective: Replace petrochemicals with natural products in consumer goods.
Partners: confidential
Keywords: cosmetics, microalgae, natural

  • ANR ALGORAFFINERIE programme: Development of the refinery process for two microalgae: P. cruentum and C. vulgaris.

Objective: Create and pioneer a complete development process for two microalgae species.
Partners: AlgoSource Technologies / Process Engineering for Environment and Food Laboratory (GEPEA) / Institut Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand) / Agro-Industrial Chemistry Laboratory of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT-LCA, Toulouse)
Keywords: refining, development, create, proceed

  • FP7 BIOFAT programme: Pilot-scale demonstration of biofuel production from microalgae.

Objective: Produce biofuel from microalgae as a replacement for fossil fuels.
Partners: AlgoSource Technologies / Abengoa Bioenergía Nuevas Tecnologías (Spain) / Universitá degli Studi di Firenze (Italy) / AlgaFuel (Portugal) / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel) / Fotosintetica & Microbiologica (Italy) / Evodos (Netherlands) / Hart Energy (USA) / Fratelli Parodi (Italy) / IN (Italy)
Keywords: biofuel, microalgae, fossil fuels

  • Project for the microalgae industry: Development and installation of raceways (algaculture ponds) to produce spirulina for the agricultural industry (crop diversification / revenue / management of the heat generated by anaerobic digesters / etc.).

Objective: Mastermind new applications for existing activities (promote additional revenue streams by creating new jobs).
Partner: confidential
Keywords: spirulina, jobs, agricultural

  • ALGOROUTE project: Regional project to develop bioasphalt (from microalgae).