ALLIX Co., Ltd.

ALLIX Co., Ltd.

ALLIX Co.,Ltd One of the leading LED manufactures with great innovation High Technology of XENOLED® & XenoSunTM , Customize your LED lighting module( Custom-made Non-white Colors) and customized spectral power distribution (SPD), Custom Spectrum Series / LED for Horticulture (Plant Grow Lighting). ALLIX Co., Ltd(located in Jeonju-city, Korea), established in June, 2003, is celebrating its 14th anniversary. We have developed Ultra High CRI(The highest level among companies in the same field up to 99) and tunable LED module with chips using blue, and the unique dispensing technology as well as high brightness white LED lamp packaging. We are confident to make sure that we are the only company in the world where all customized products such as packaging and module can be real

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Custom manufacturer
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Globally (various continents)

LED for Horticulture

ALLIX Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a LED package and module manufacturer. We have been devoted to developing the colorcentered technology of representing the light as close to the natural sunlight as possible.

  • ALLIX’s phosphor conversion technology: ALLIX has developed its unique phosphor conversion technology to produce specialized plant-growth LED packages. Two different wavelengths can be emitted in a single LED package.
  • Spectrum: Chlorophyll A required for plant growth Chlorophyll B provides wavelengths that are absorbed by one package, providing more equal light to plants than the combination of Red & Blue chip LEDs (conventional method). In particular, ALLIX-retained phosphor compounding technology  can be used to implement a rich spectrum in the Red region. 
  • Package: Available in all package type.
  • Module: Available in Any color, Any size, Any shape From linear shape to round shape, we can tailor-make your own board.

ALLIX XENOLED2: Medical Lightening Product

ALLIX XENOLED White LED is the light source at the highest level in the world with the referenced values close to 100. Especially, XENOLED II based on violet chips is natural white light which expresses well by covering all range of the visible light by expressing sun spectrum closely, artificially. 

(1) Color Rendering Index: CRI (Ra)
(2) Special Color Rendering Index:Ri
(3) Color Fidelity Index (IES TM-30-15 Color Fidelity Index): Rf
(4) Relative Color Gamut Index (IES TM-30-15 Relative Color Gamut Index): Rg

-Application of Ultra High CRI Lighting Source

  1. Alternative of all Halogen bulbs and Xenon bulbs
  2. Medical(endoscopic, laparoscopic) Treatment Light Source
  3. Ward(prevention of infection) and Surgery Light Source Biological System Microscope Light Source
  4. Visual and Color Inspection Light Source
  5. Ophthalmology Light Source
  6. Dental Clinic Light Source
  7. Camera Light Source
  8. Precision Image Light Source
  9. Precision Work Light Source