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  • Horizontal Greenhouse Screening Systems

  • ALWECO - Greenhouse Energy Saving Systems

    ALWECO - Greenhouse Energy Saving Systems

    Saving on energy costs remains an important aspect of new system development. For example, a narrow screen system has been developed for use with special purpose, 18 mm profiles and Ultra Delay slip blocks. Maximum light ingress is achieved in combination with translucent sealer strips. ALWECO always implements the latest and most appropriate technologies in order to satisfy its customers’ requirements and to achieve maximum energy savings.

  • ALWECO - Multiple Layer Systems

    ALWECO - Multiple Layer Systems

    The basic premise for establishing an optimal climate varies season by season, but ALWECO’s multi screen systems allow growers to respond quickly and easily to these changing factors. Balanced humidity and light ingress levels can be achieved using a combination of double or even triple layered screen systems below one another on the same wire frame, or behind one another sliding in the same direction. The best solution is determined together...

  • Vertical Greenhouse Screening Systems

  • ALWECO - Exterior Twinroll Greenhouse Screen

    ALWECO - Exterior Twinroll Greenhouse Screen

    ALWECO’s exterior twin roll screens are virtually identical to its standard twin roll screens. They provide the perfect alternative to traditional glass walls, except that they are assembled outside the greenhouse if it is not possible to install them inside. This does not affect the system’s effectiveness in any way and even has an additional advantage insofar that heat is kept out before it has even reached the greenhouse itself. When...

  • ALWECO - Integrated Roll Greenhouse Screen

    ALWECO - Integrated Roll Greenhouse Screen

    ALWECO roll wall screens can be seamlessly installed and fitted inside or outside existing structures. Systems are powered by proprietary external motors or conventional tube motors. In most cases, systems are driven by external GXP motors, as dictated by the length of the system installed.

  • Screen System

  • ALWECO - Vertical Screening System

    ALWECO - Vertical Screening System

    ALWECO’s roll, twin roll and exterior roll walls can be seamlessly integrated into any greenhouse and are compatible with all existing systems. Screens are of the highest quality regardless of whether they form part of an integrated side or end wall screen, or a twin wall. Side and end wall screens can be installed inside or outside the greenhouse.