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Amiran Kenya Ltd

Amiran Kenya Ltd

Amiran Kenya have announced a cooperative arrangement to extend new credit opportunities to farmers and youth, that will enable them to purchase Amiran’s modern agricultural technologies, to boost their farm produce as well as empower the youth economically. Under the programme, Chase Bank and its subsidiary, Rafiki DTM have allocated the agribusiness finance project 3.5 billion to help finance Amiran’s modern agricultural technologies to interested youth and farmers. Amiran Kenya will play the part of installing equipment, training the farmers both practically and theoretically on Amiran products, offer advice and carry out farm visits through Amiran’s professional and experienced agronomists to ensure that farmers attain the best possible harvest, allowing them to clear off their loans calmly and at the expected time frame.

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Old Airport North Road, P.o Box 30327 , Nairobi , Nairobi 00100 Kenya
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Since its inception in 1963, Amiran Kenya Ltd has been a driving force behind the horticulture and floriculture industries in Kenya and throughout East Africa.  Over the years Amiran has expanded its activities and is today a leader in telecommunications, water purification, solar energy, generators and more.

A part of the Balton CP group of companies headquartered in the United Kingdom and spread throughout Africa and Israel, Amiran Kenya provides complete solutions in all of its fields of expertise.  From products and services to training and capacity building, the Amiran Kenya Ltd brand has become synonymous with the highest international standards of excellence.  

Through decades of partnership with Kenya’s large and small scale growers, Amiran has become a “one stop shop” for all of Kenya’s agricultural needs.   While playing a significant role in bringing the Kenyan floriculture industry to its place as a global leader, Amiran has also remained focused on the needs of horticulture and cereal growers.

Amiran Kenya’s agricultural basket of products includes chemicals, fertilizers and seeds; large and small scale agro-projects using state of the art technology powering modern irrigation systems, climate control and water measuring technologies.  Amiran is also responsible for building and maintaining 90% of Kenya’s greenhouses.  Complimenting all of these is a team of professional agronomists offering the best technical advice as well as innovative products aimed to achieve the best possible yields.  

With the goal of expanding Amiran’s activities to additional fields, Amiran Communications Ltd was created in 1995.  Starting out as Motorola’s authorized distributor in Kenya Amiran Communications has grown and diversified its activities becoming a leader in the supply and service of Close Circuit Television, Trunking Systems, Microwave Systems, 2 Way Systems and more.  Amiran Communication’s expertise in the telecommunication sector is in high demand with new and innovative projects and technologies being brought in to the Kenyan market constantly.

Recently, as part of its Cooperate Social Responsibilities, Amiran has explored ways to partner with Kenya’s Donor and NGO community with the goal of utilizing Amiran’s unique abilities for the betterment of the people of Kenya.  A unique line of products, among them the Family Drip System (FDS), a simple irrigation system tailor made for the small farmer, have been identified in a genuine effort to help Kenya and her partners achieve Kenya’s food security and other development goals.

As a major player in the Kenyan economy Amiran Kenya Ltd continues to stand by its age old commitment to the Kenyan people, and continues to work together with its partners for a better future for Kenya.