An Jarl enterprise co., ltd.

An Jarl enterprise co., ltd.

An Jarl enterprise co., ltd.

We are the Experts of Agriculture Facilities An Jarl Enterprise co., ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory in Taiwan. We produce many irrigation equipment and farm implements: such as sprinkler hoses, rain tapes, rain pipes, spray tubes, sprinklers, 2 plies mulch film (silver/black or white/black etc.), net house and green house accessories, micro sprinklers, dripper and drip fittings, insecticide sprayer etc. Farmers use our products in planting of melons, fruits, vegetables, trees, tea, flowers, orchard and other crops around the world. We have high status in our clients for our innovation in products. Especially the good quality and reasonable price of our products let us have good reputation. Our brand “DEAR DEER” is famous in many area. All the time we keep our enthusiasm and work hard for the improvement of agriculture and help farmers make their work easier.

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No. 23, Chu-Kung 3rd Lane, Jen-Wu Dist , Kaohsiung City , Taiwan
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An Jarl enterprise co., ltd. is a manufacturer of farm irrigation & farm implements for more than 40 years. In 1985 it was established to be a limited company.
Our ISO 9001:2015 certified factory is in Kaohsiung, a city at southern Taiwan.
We are an expert supplier in many farm accessories & farm agriculture irrigation system.
Our product series include irrigation sprinkler hose(also said as rain pipe, rain tape, spray tube etc.), silver-black mulch film, slide gate hose system(also said as side inlet, multiple inlet etc.), greenhouse accessories, flat roof net house accessories, other accessories for agriculture & horticulture, irrigation sprinklers, micro irrigation sprinklers, field irrigation implements, flat garden hose, soaker hose, flexible pipe, seedling trays, insecticide fog sprayer, agriculture net etc. 
Our products are used in many farmlands for the planting of melons, fruits, vegetables, trees, tea, flowers and so on. Our customers are distributed throughout Taiwan, Japan, China and Southeast Asia, U.S.A etc. In recent years we have specially supplied many sprinkler hoses for farm irrigation of oil palms nursery in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Our products were the first choice to replace the high quality products made in Japan.
Now we are expanding our farm equipment to more and more ranges. Besides products that are used in the open farmland, we also supply the accessories used in net houses and greenhouses. Our brand “DEAR DEER” is well-known in many farm agriculture area.
The other new products are hanging sprinkler hose which can be hung indoors and outdoors to make a misty micro irrigation and let farmers have free space for land work. Besides farm parts the other business in our company is to be an ODM & OBM factory in plastic injection and extrusion. Except to manufacture agriculture & garden implements, we manufacture accessories of water purify system, sanitary ware etc. for some famous brands in Taiwan. Of course we produce T fitting & other fittings for irrigation systems also.
We create new items every year, hear from customers and develop the products they need.
The final target to us is to be a worldwide leader in the suppliers of agriculture & garden accessories in the near future.


Sprinkler hose” irrigation system is the easiest and cheapest way for farm irrigation. Not only easy installation, easy maintenance, low cost, no plug, easy process, low water pressure, low energy consumption.

     The best and easiest way for small & medium area farm irrigation

Sprinkler hose is a flat hose with many pores on the hose to spray water mistily. Sprinkler hose irrigation system easy to install, easy to maintain, low cost, easy plug clearing, quick irrigating, and low water pressure, low energy consuming.

It is suitable for any dry land crops. There are different types of hose, different watering pore patterns, used for different crops and different farmlands. Can be used on open farmland, sandy land, greenhouses, net house. Especially it is suitable for the plants require more water in short time.

The use life of “Sprinkler hose” is about 2-5 years, depending on how to use and how to maintain.                 

Most of “Sprinkler hose” laying on the ground, but otherwise AJ-105E is hang in the air.

Sprinkler hose” can spray on open air or be laid under the mulch film.

Laid on the ground, “Sprinkler hose” is sprayed water upward into the air, and then fell down like little rain.

The type of hose under the mulch film, spray pores are farther away from the centerline. It is low angle to spray. Plants can grow outward from the holes on the mulch film.   “Sprinkler hose” is under the mulch film, in line with planting lines, and close to the crops.

To irrigate under mulch film, the water discharged from the pores on “Sprinkler hose”, flow directly on crop roots. If necessary, liquid fertilizer can be applied at the same time, go together to the corps root. In fact, this type of irrigation is the more flow drip, watering rate is faster than the drip irrigation. The advantages are not to be block in holes and watering in low pressure even without the use of energy in short field irrigation.