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  • Tooling Services

    Tooling Services

    Our dealers are equipped with specialised tooling that's only available to them - you won't find that same equipment and expertise anywhere else. For example, with EDT, our state-of-the-art Electronic Diagnostic Tool, not only can problems be quickly identified and cured but functions can also be enhanced and reprogrammed - all at the touch of a button.

  • On Duty Service

    On Duty Service

    We all know that things can go wrong. It’s a fact of life. The important thing is to know that the back-up is there when you need it. Responsiveness is the name of the game here. We know that when you need to fix a problem, time is of the essence. When you call us, we’ll be there. Our DEALER service vans are kitted out with all the necessary tools, equipment and a range of parts. The aim is to be in a position to fix the problem there...