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Animal Health International, Inc. is the premier animal health company in North America and has been serving the needs of customers for more than 40 years. No other distributor has a broader product offering. Animal Health International represents over 1,000 manufacturers that supply products focused on companion animal, equine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry, and swine. Animal Health International offers products ranging from vaccines and pharmaceuticals to state of the art equipment and software.

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822 7th St Ste 740 , Greeley , Colorado 80631 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)


Animal Health International has direct, long standing relationships with all major animal health manufacturers, which allows us to stock quality products in our 70 plus locations, where they are properly stored and shipped in a timely fashion. In addition, we offer beneficial niche products from select international, national, regional, and local suppliers which provides a unique and specialized breadth of products.

Animal Health International reps are in constant contact with livestock producers, vets, and dealers to assure that product needs are met, questions are answered, and important information is shared. Our reps work to become a vital part of our customer’s business through building long-lasting relationships and providing outstanding customer service.

Whether you order from one of our more than 400 sales reps, call into one of our many regional distribution centers or shop online, you can rest assured that the product you need will be delivered to your business factory fresh, well packed, and on time.

At Animal Health International we have the most knowledgeable, consultative, and seasoned sales force in our industry. We pride ourselves in knowing our customer, their industry, and how they make money in their business. Our customers rely on their Animal Health International sales representative to provide them with the latest information on products, programs, and protocols that help them maximize their production outcomes.


  • Willard Wall opened a sundries store in Porterville, California, in 1945 that would later transition into Walco International.
  • Wall closed the sundries store and opened Livestock Supply in 1954 and expanded into Visalia, CA and Phoenix, AZ.
  • In 1972, nine companies were brought together to form Walco International.
  • The company flourished, with retail and distribution outlets popping up throughout North America.
  • By 1995, Walco fielded 700 employees and booked more than $330 million in sales.
  • Wall passed away after 50 years of continuous operations as a family business man.
  • Walco International sold to an investment firm and moved its original home base from Porterville, California to Westlake, Texas.
  • In 2007, the company went public under the new name Animal Health International, Inc.


  • Founded by Bob Hummel in 1967 as an animal health distribution business serving veterinarians in California.
  • In May 1967, Hummel and Jim Loughlin purchased RX Company, and incorporated the new company under the name Great Plains Chemical Company, Inc.
  • In 1972, Hummel made Greeley, Colorado as the home base of Great Plains Chemical Company, Inc.
  • Hummel acquired several regional distributors in the late 1970’s, and began marketing private labels under the name Lextron, Inc.
  • In 1986, Great Plains Chemical Company officially changed it’s name to Lextron, Inc.
  • The company flourished, and began opening retail and distribution outlets throughout North America.
  • In 2011, Lextron, Inc. purchased its respected long-time rival operating under the new name Animal Health International, Inc.