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  • Animal Technologies

    Animal Technologies

    Animal Health International Animal Technologies Division offers advanced management software systems to assist feeding operations in better managing assets, inventories, commodities, and maintenance of financial records that are vital to cattle-feeding customers, enabling them to reduce feed shrink and expenses.

  • Pharmacy Inventory Control System

    Pharmacy Inventory Control System

    Our Pharmacy Inventory Control System provides our customers with the ability to better manage their product and inventory usage in a clinic, store, or farm. This simplified inventory system makes life easier whether receiving, removing, or ordering inventory and can be done completely wireless. Economic reorder points may be set for regularly used products, which allows the system to seamlessly build replenishment orders based on usage. This process...

Products by DeLaval International AB

  • DeLaval Milking products and systems

  • DeLaval - Model C125 - Cleaning Unit

    DeLaval - Model C125 - Cleaning Unit

    The DeLaval cleaning unit C125 is designed to handle even large dairies and helps ensure consistent, well-formed water-slugs. These slugs combine with properly selected DeLaval sanitation products. Correct volumes of water are then added at the right temperature, to consistently clean the milking system. An integral part of the DeLaval cleaning unit C125 is the trombone.

  • DeLaval Kleen-O-Matic - Cleaning Unit

    DeLaval Kleen-O-Matic - Cleaning Unit

    With 70 programmable functions, the Kleen- O-Matic Plus can be customized to fit any size system. With its chemical injection capacity, extended secondary water fill time, enhanced air injection controls, the Kleen-O-Matic Plus positions itself as the perfect solution for cleaning larger size parlors.

  • Model MCP100 - Milk Connection Point

    Model MCP100 - Milk Connection Point

    The simple, economical DeLaval milk connection point MCP100 connects to vacuum and the milk line with a simple twist. Designed for 40 and 52 mm milk lines, DeLaval MCP100 can be equipped with an extension to make it easier and more ergonomic to connect it. The extended handle helps short milkers. It can also be equipped with electrical cable for use with an electric pulsator or Milkmaster unit.

  • Model MCP200 - Milk Connection Point

    Model MCP200 - Milk Connection Point

    DeLaval milk connection point MCP200 offers an easy way to connect milk clusters, vacuum and electricity. This ergonomically designed unit is easy to hold with one hand and is connected to the milk line via a single snap-action lock. No turning movement is needed and the attachment angle offers maximum comfort. Made for use with stainless steel milk lines, the DeLaval MCP200 has a 16 mm milk outlet that improves milk flow without vacuum drop.

  • DeLaval  - Model MM27BC  - Milk Meter

    DeLaval - Model MM27BC - Milk Meter

    The new DeLaval milk meter MM27BC is a highly accurate ICAR approved milk meter which also monitors any blood traces in the milk, conductivity, kick-off and air entry in the liners. It offers fast milk yield monitoring and better control of cow health. Combine MM27BC with ALPRO and you will profit from better information for efficient herd management.

  • DeLaval Cow Feeding

  • DeLaval - Model CF1000+ - Calf Feeder

    DeLaval - Model CF1000+ - Calf Feeder

    DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ is a cost efficient tool for rearing healthy calves. It is available with either ALPRO™ or stand-alone control, with a choice of basic or premium equipment levels.

  • DeLaval - Model FPM300 - Cow Feed Pusher

    DeLaval - Model FPM300 - Cow Feed Pusher

    Automate your least favorite chore. The DeLaval Feed Pusher FMP300 is a robust automated feeding solution designed to reduce manual labor and ensure cows have easier access to feed.  The angled blade pushes feed closer,  slowly turning it while pushing it along a rail system, helping to mix and maintain access to fresh rations.

  • DeLaval - Model FM - Cow Feed Wagon

    DeLaval - Model FM - Cow Feed Wagon

    DeLaval feed wagon FM is a good choice for herds ranging from 35 to 150 cows. It is designed to automatically dispense weighed concentrate, grain and minerals for each cow up to ten times per day. DeLaval feed wagon FM is also highly flexible, offering numerous feed distribution alternatives. Modulation allows future upgrading from a single to a double module. Concentrate container sizes can be changed for optimal total volume usage. Durability is a...

  • DeLaval - Model FW200 - Cow Feed Wagon

    DeLaval - Model FW200 - Cow Feed Wagon

    Our fully-automated feed wagons help maximize your herd’s potential. By dispensing concentrate feed automatically these units can improve labour efficiency, improve overall milk production, lower feed costs and help improve animal health. This feed wagon is a good choice for herds of up to 60 cows, or as a second feed wagon for larger herds. It can be installed in almost any old or new barn and is good for dispensing feed on narrow feeding...

  • DeLaval Milk Cooling & Storage

  • DeLaval - Model MT125  - Control Box

    DeLaval - Model MT125 - Control Box

    More and more farmers have now found the easy way to save money in their dairy operation by using the DeLaval MP3 Plate Cooler. To precool the milk before it enters the cooling tank means that the refrigeration compressor only needs to run half as long and thereby reduce the energy cost. The quicker cooling of the milk also improves the milk quality since bacteria have less time to develop. The MP3 range comprises two versions of coolers: PreCoolers...

  • DeLaval - Model DXNAF - Milk Cooling Tank

    DeLaval - Model DXNAF - Milk Cooling Tank

    Cooling indicator lights with external connections for remote alarm - indicate if the unit is cooling the milk or has already cooled it. An easy-to-read LED display shows you the temperature and whether the unit is cooling or washing. Staggered condensing unit starts, reduce electric surges and operating costs. To keep the milk at an even temperature the unit uses adjustable interval agitation, while the milk hauler’s blend cycle gives accurate...

Products by AgriLabs

  • Livestock Products

  • Colostrx - Model CS  - Livestock Supplement

    Colostrx - Model CS - Livestock Supplement

    When Mother Nature needs a hand, count on Colostrx CS. Colostrx CS is for use as a supplement to maternal colostrum when assurance of added immunity is desired or when the quality or quantity of maternal colostrum is unsure. USDA licensed for the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer of immunity and aid prevention of death associated withE.coliK99.

  • I-Site  - Model XP - Livestock Supplement

    I-Site - Model XP - Livestock Supplement

    For use in the prevention and control of pinkeye (infectious bovine Keratoconjunctivitis) in healthy cattle caused by Moraxella bovis. Provides broad protection against pinkeye with it's eight Moraxella bovis isolates.

  • Model MpB Guard - Livestock Supplement

    Model MpB Guard - Livestock Supplement

    MpB Guard is a Mycoplasma bovis bacterin, which contains antigens from two field isolates of M.bovis and their soluble antigens. A two-dose vaccination series provides cattle with early protection against potential loss caused by M.bovis.

  • Other Products

  • Vet Gun

    Vet Gun

    VetGun an innovative delivery platform for effective fly control when and where you need it. VetGun is the first-of-its-kind delivery system that provides precise dosage, remotely in the field, with a simple pull of a trigger. You can apply a proven topical insecticide for effective control of horn flies from a safe distance of 15 to 30 feet, with no confining, no handling and no stress. The VetGun is the only approved delivery system for the...