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Anti Bio specialises in water treatment technology, using sweeping sound frequency waves and electromagnetics to provide cleaner, clearer water and enhance the operations of water treatment systems through the removal of bio film.The use of Anti Bio technology in the hydroponics industry is responsible for the removal of bio film and calcium build up from channels and drippers which aids in a consistent supply of nutrients across hydroponic stystems. The ability of the technology to keep minerals in solution also has the potential to provide crop yield improvements through improved nutrient uptake. The technology is also used to assist in the cleaning of beer lines in hotels, dramatically reducing cleaning cycle frequency, manhours, beer wastage, and chemical usage. Interest has also been generated in the boating and shipping industry with the technology being used to keep hulls clear of barnacles as well as treating all water sources on vessels.

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Suite 20/207 Currumburra Rd , Ashmore , QLD 4214 Australia

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)