The LIFELINE brand of products is manufactured and marketed by APC, Inc., the world’s largest producer of functional proteins. At APC, we pride ourselves on our scientifically proven solutions, but our success—just like yours—is traced back to the farm. APC was founded in 1981, but our story started 40 years earlier at a family-run creamery in the heart of Iowa. Today, our third-generation, family-owned company is a global leader in the ever advancing animal nutrition industry. We hold 20 patents on our products and processes, and our functional proteins are fed to animals around the globe.

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2425 SE Oak Tree Ct. , Ankeny , Iowa 50021 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)


Newborn animals with early stress never fully recover. Their growth is slower. They underperform. They have more sick days and create less income for you.

At LIFELINE, we know you care about your animals and want to see them vibrant and thriving. Each year, LIFELINE is fed to 2.5 million calves. Our trusted animal nutrition products are scientifically researched and proven effective.

A newborn beef calf has never been worth more. Protect your investment with LIFELINE. Only LIFELINE offers products specifically formulated for newborn beef calves. Protect Beef Colostrum Supplement and Nourish Beef Colostrum Replacer ensure that all your high-value calves get off to the right start. 

Newborn dairy calves are the future of your milking herd. Protect your investment with LIFELINE. Protect Dairy Colostrum SupplementNourish Dairy Colostrum Replacer and Rescue Complete Colostrum Replacer ensure that all your newborn calves thrive.

Colostrum often needs a little help, and LIFELINE Boost Colostrum Booster delivers instantly better nutrition for your calves when mixed directly into colostrum. Scours and stress-related problems interrupt calf growth and performance. LIFELINE Intervene Nutritional Supplement gets calves back on track fast.

Ensuring lambs and kids consume enough colostrum in the 24 hours following birth is critical to their survival. But sometimes you have multiples or orphans, or there just isn’t enough colostrum to go around. LIFELINE Rescue Lamb & Kid is a complete colostrum replacer that delivers energy plus 88 grams of total protein (based on body weight) to ensure your newborns thrive.