Newborn and young animals that experience early stress never fully recover. Their growth is slower. They underperform. They have more sick days and create less income for you. LIFELINE animal nutrition products are formulated with powerful plasma-derived functional proteins, which are proven to help combat stress, and to support and maintain normal immune function. Our products deliver the very best nutrition for newborn and young animals facing challenges. LIFELINE animal nutrition products are fed to more than 2.5 million young animals every year. When you choose LIFELINE, you`re providing nutritional support that has been proven time and again to help newborn and young animals achieve optimal health and performance.

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You have just one chance to start your calves, lambs and kids right.

LIFELINE animal nutrition products help beef calves, dairy calves, lambs and kids get the very best start.

LIFELINE animal nutrition products help newborn & young production animals thrive and perform better, which translates to more profit for you. It's easy to choose the LIFELINE animal nutrition product that fits your needs:

Our functional proteins are derived from natural bovine plasma, which contains components similar to those found in milk and colostrum. Through a proprietary process, the plasma is fractioned to isolate and preserve specific proteins that help to nutritionally support and maintain normal immune function in young production animals. These functional proteins are concentrated in a serum, which is spray-dried for inclusion in LIFELINE animal nutrition products.

Proven Success
For more than 30 years, our functional proteins have been given to millions of animals around the world with proven beneficial effects. More than 300 published, peer-reviewed studies across species including swine, poultry, ruminant, aquaculture and companion animal have been conducted to test the action of functional proteins. Consistent results show that anytime animals are under stress, functional proteins ease the effects of that stress.